Zumbathon in Lagos On Saturday 15th November!

Here in Lagos, there will be a Zumbathon event on Saturday 15th November in aid of breast cancer – in their words, “Shake, Dance & Sweat for Breast Cancer Awareness”!


I’ll be there for a short while before dashing off to my 8am class, if you’re in Lagos, I hope to see you there – https://www.truppr.com/748/iwow-zumbathon-2014 :)

Quick Strength & Cardio Partner Workout

NOTE: Always warm up before and cool down after your workouts. If you’re new to exercise, check with your Dr before trying a new fitness routine.Pushups, Plank & Jump Rope Workout www.adura-o.com
Today’s workout is from one of my classes last week and great if you’re working out with a friend. It’s fun working out with a friend but it’s extra motivation because in this case, Partner 2 always has to keep going until Partner 1 is done.

But if you have no friends (ha ha I’m so funny, right?) or are working out on your own, you can do all three exercises back to back and jump (using a jump rope) for 1 minute i.e.
10 Pushups
30 seconds of High Plank
1 minute Jumping
x 3 Sets
(Rest for 45-60 seconds between sets)

With your partner, the person doing the pushups and high plank is the pace setter. Partner 2 keeps jumping (jump rope) until partner 1 is done, then you immediately swap.

Rest for 1 minute between each set (a set is station A & B back to back). And repeat for a total of 3 sets.


  • Make sure your wrists, elbows and shoulders are in one straight line. Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Your body should be held in plank position while your bend your elbows and lower down. Your body goes down as one strong unit (plank!)
  • Your hips shouldn’t sag towards the floor, your lower back shouldn’t dip.

Jump Rope

  • Keep your elbows close to your body and most of the movement should be from your wrists.
  • Always land on the balls of your feet.

Want a video? Leave a comment below :)

Stretching After Exercise Is A MUST

Stretching After Exercise www.adura-o.com

I can’t say this enough!!!!

It took a back injury 4 years ago to make me finally listen and I hope you’re smarter than I was! I was training hard, lifting heavy, having rest days and eating healthy – sounds like a winning combo right? WRONG!

I used to rush out of classes 10 minutes early to shower and get to work on time or “stretch” for a couple of minutes after my workouts and all seemed well until I bent over to pick up a kettlebell and someone ripped out my spine! It definitely felt like that… OUCH!

Bending over to pick up that kettlebell was the straw that broke the camel’s back! I wasn’t stretching and my muscles were not happy. My lower back paid the price.

After a visit to an Osteopath, I was informed that my mid-back was VERY TIGHT - Neglecting important stretches had left my mid back muscles super tight, until that fateful day when I picked up the kettlebell and that tightness travelled all the way down to my lower back!
I was unable to work for close to 2 weeks! Moral of the story is STRETCHING IS IMPORTANT!

I learned my lesson and this was the main reason I got into Yoga which has helped loosen up muscles that had been tight for way too long, increased flexibility and has made a lot of other exercises more effective!

It took a couple of expensive sessions with the Osteopath and 1 month of bikram yoga to fix me. This doesn’t have to happen to you!

Your muscles need it, your body needs it -

  • It reduces the risk of injury
  • Helps increase flexibility which is an important part of overall fitness, and makes exercises more effective and easier on the body
  • It eases lower back pain (which is very common)
  • It helps relieve joint pain e.g. sore knees are usually caused by tight quads, calves or ITB (runners take note!)
  • It reduces muscle soreness post-workout and speeds up recovery, less DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).
  • And it saves you money too… if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will ;)

    Train hard, stretch, eat right, rest…. REPEAT. ☺☺

Stretching after exercise

HIGH PLANK Core Strengthening Combo

High Plank Combo Fitness in Nigeria



High Plank + Plank Knee-To-Opposite -Elbow + High Plank Leg Lift COMBO

1. Wrists, elbows and shoulders in one straight line.
2. Hands should be shoulder width apart.
3. Engage your core. Tuck your tailbone under and make sure your hips don’t sag/lower back doesn’t dip.
4. Keep your legs completely straight (except when reaching to opposite elbow).

A. Start in high plank position
B. Rotate your body under to reach your right knee to your left elbow/arm.
C. Return to high plank
D. Lift the same leg (right) up behind you – keep your foot flexed and leg completely straight. Pause briefly, squeeze your glutes and return to high plank.
E. The above (A to D) = 1 rep.
F. Repeat for a total of 8-10 reps before doing the same on the left side.
G. Rest for 45 seconds and repeat for a total of 3-4 sets.

This is primarily a core exercise, but also strengthens your shoulders, legs and glutes.

Enjoy ☺

Spice Up The Simplest Meals With…. SUYA!

Sometimes the simplest meals taste the best.

‘Suya Pepper’ is a blend of spices, one of which is cayenne pepper. I love it because it can turn ‘boring’ into YUMMY in seconds :)

E.g. ‘Suya Mackerel’ below – it took me less than a minute to season the fish, which I cooked in the oven for 25 minutes at 350F. I sautéed the frozen veggies in a small knob of butter for about 8 minutes.
Dished my meal, sprinkled some more suya pepper and lunch was served. Simple!

Suya Mackerel

A day later, I did the same with some beef – seasoned and boiled the beef until it began to get tender. Added a whole load of suya pepper and cooked in the oven for 25 minutes. Sautéed some broccoli and served :)
Suya Beef 1

How do YOU spice your meals?

Fun, FREE May Challenge – PUSH IT MAY


It’ been a long while since I held a FREE challenge, so here’s one to get you looking hot(ter) for the summer.

Inspired by clients, class members and regular questions I’m asked about pushups, PUSH IT MAY is here just for you… ONLY if you’re ready to get stronger and sexier, and put in the work! ;)

Join us on Instagram, my handle is @Adura_O and use the #PushItMay & #AduraO hashtags.

FYI: There’s a prize up for the grabs for consistency and hard work.



1-PUSH IT MAY3-001

Are You Bored?

Eating the same meals, doing the same workouts?

There’s one simple solution to this – try something new, it’s time to change things up!

Boredom with workouts stems from not seeing results and/or doing the same things over and over again. Find out what’s wrong with your routine by doing your research (you might be doing too much cardio, not resting or just not using correct technique) and work on a well rounded routine. Or go to the easy route, and ask a professional!

Do you run for 30 minutes every day? Start incorporating interval training, which will get you better results.
Do you NEVER strength train? Solution = start lifting weights, including your bodyweight (you don’t really need equipment).
Bored of your strength training routine? There are SO many strength exercises out there, don’t limit yourself to squats, planks, pushups, deadlifts, etc. Try multiple variations of these exercises e.g. squats –> single leg, split squat, squat pulses, squat hold, want me to go on? Also add new exercises to your routine.

And of course, never forget to stretch and work on your flexibility.

One more thing, have FUN with your workouts! Exercising is not a necessary evil, it is hard work but fun, and the results you get are icing on the cake :)

Practising handstands and goofinf around

       Practising handstands and goofing around

I’m currently taking part in a couple of Yoga challenges, and this has been one of the most enjoyable months (fitness-related) in a long while! I’m having so much fun, and learning so much in the process.

Boredom with meals can be fixed easily too.
The first thing you have to do is stop complaining about being tired of eating anything and do something about it. Healthy eating is not boring, don’t forget some people have sugary cereals every morning and hardly ever complain about boredom ;) Some people say they HAVE to eat rice everyday… think about it, that’s the same thing over and over again.

If you treat healthy eating like hard work, it will be just that. If you start to think of it as an opportunity to keep learning and trying new things, then it will be interesting and fun.

Enjoy your meals, get creative and realise that there are a lot of healthy options out there! And if sometimes, you find that you are eating the same thing over and over again, set yourself a mini-challenge.

e.g. There was a time I noticed I was eating eggs at least 5 mornings a week – I wasn’t bored but I really didn’t want to overdo it with the eggs! I challenged myself to NOT eat eggs for one week, and this forced me to be more creative and helped me in the long run. I made meatballs, had fish with vegetable stir fries, had okra or vegetable soup, etc.

Do You Throw Away Your Egg Yolks?

Think again before you get rid of your egg yolk(s) and only eat the whites.

1048418_646970065349457_1422590425_oYou’re throwing away so much nutrition, and that should be a punishable sin!

Seriously though, the reason why everyone got scared of egg yolks and other saturated fats is because of a very flawed study that was done many years ago.
The results claimed that eating saturated fats led to heart disease, what they failed to take into account was the lifestyle of each subject. Their sugar intake, their level of activity, smoker/non-smoker and other factors that could cause heart disease!

Now, it’s finally getting into mainstream media (which is unfortunately, when people really pay attention) – saturated fats are not the devil!!
Excess sugar, trans-fats, inactivity, smoking, etc are things should be avoiding!

So please eat your egg yolks, enjoy them*! Eating 2 or 3 eggs? Eat your yolks!

*Everything in moderation of course! Aim to eat eggs ~3 times weekly. I’m working on my egg addiction, ha! Eat more omega-3 rich fish, and don’t get carried away with eggs.

Egg Yolks and Nutrients