10 Minute Fat Burning ‘Workout With Adura’ Video


With the goal of making healthy living as simple as possible, here’s a 10 minute bodyweight HIIT workout for you. This means ZERO equipment needed.

1 – WARM UP! It is very important to help get your muscles and joints ready for your workout. And reduce the risk of injury!
2 – INJURIES? I’m going to trust you and believe won’t train through any injuries! If any of the exercises above aggravate any injuries, please STOP!
3 – NEW TO EXERCISE? Pace yourself, you are your own competition 🙂
4 – Cool Down & Stretch AFTER your workout.

Look out for more ‘Workout With Adura’ videos where we get through the paces together 😉

Quick recap of the workout:

High Knee TABATA
Squat Thrust TABATA
TWO SETS OF 20s Single Leg Plank Jacks, 20s Plank, 20s Rest

Questions? Ask away!


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