Bounce Balls: Vickii’s Review

Say hello to Vickii my 1st Guest blogger (there will be more reviews from her 🙂 ).

Vickii is a writer and a baker, I’ve been lucky enough to read her work and taste her baking (Vickii… will you bake me a cake for my birthday please :)?). As amazing as her baked goodies are, I’d advise you to have them as treats in small quantities 😉

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I have one claim to fame only. I am known for being a huge fan of food. Since I am always on look-out for healthy AND tasty foods, I jumped at the chance to review the Bounce Balls for Adura.

I’m not going to lie; they had me at ‘Bounce Balls’. Who wouldn’t want to eat anything with a name like that? And they’re round too! However, a visit to the website (while I awaited my delivery) left me slightly less enthused. They’re described as “delicious, healthy snacks made from 100% natural ingredients”. Okay, while that assured me that they would be good for me,  in my experience, words like ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ sometimes need to be kept far, far away from the word ‘delicious’. I can’t say it helped my apprehension at all that Adura had told me one of the balls was the Spirulina Ginseng flavour. To me, that name conjures up a combination of spinach and yoga (I have no idea why!).
The balls arrived and the fun, playful packaging got me excited once again.

I decided to have the Peanut Protein ball as a late breakfast. And I was very pleasantly surprised. At just the right combination of chewy and dense, it had a clear nutty taste which wasn’t overwhelming and it was very tasty. I liked the chopped peanut bits it was rolled in and with 15g of protein, I loved the “natural high quality protein” hit which it gives me (I have been assured by Adura that protein is VERY good for me).

Later the same day, I decided to have the Spirulina Ginseng flavour as a snack and I have to say, I totally had to eat my words about the yoga and spinach. It does look a bit like green stuff coated in nuts but it tastes like marzipan. It was luverly. I absolutely loved the taste! I wonder how many more ways I can say how great the taste is before Adura edits me heavily! Quite honestly, the only thing that gives away how natural it is, is the way it looks. As it is less dense and lighter than the other two, I think it is pretty much the perfect snack. No surprise then that it is their bestselling ball.

The Almond Protein ball had a bit of a tough act to follow as the Spirulina Ginseng flavour and I had something pretty special going but it held its own very well. It also had that marzipan flavour although it was more subtle. Otherwise it was more similar to the first ball; denser and more filling. This also provides a high dose of protein making it “popular with gym members who require a healthy satiating snack on the run”.

All in all, I was very impressed by the Bounce Balls. I have tried a few other natural bars and these would definitely rank very near the top. I loved that the taste had none of the negative connotations a ‘natural-phobe’ like me would associate with the word ‘natural’.  My only qualm would be that the Peanut and Almond protein balls pack quite a few calories into a ball that is essentially a quick snack. But if you have a balanced and healthy diet, I’m sure you could squeeze one of these in to your day.


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These bars will be available to purchase in Lagos from July/August.

2 thoughts on “Bounce Balls: Vickii’s Review

  1. Natural Nigerian

    Looks good and the review says that it is actually delicious.

    I am always on the look out for a healthy snack (a bit of an oxymoron, I know). Will try this out once I can. Thanks for sharing!


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