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Strengthen Your Core & Get A Flat Tummy

This workout is inspired by an email I sent to my Mailing List (Join HERE), which was inspired by this Facebook Post.

A flat tummy is something that most women I know want, FACT. You can achieve this by eating clean, cutting down on carbs, eating good carbs (e.g. sweet potatoes and plantains) and protein.
BUT you want more than just a flat tummy, you want a strong core, which will also result in a flat tummy when you follow the ‘flat tummy guidelines’ above.

Your core is more than your ‘abs’, which is what is visible to everyone. It consists of four important muscles that wrap like a belt around the midsection.

Why should you aim for a strong core?

  • It improves your posture – holding your body upright is done with ease, with a strong core.
  • It encourages better form – better posture enables you perform exercises more efficiently.
  • It reduces the risk of injury – good form and posture means you are less likely to injure yourself. Having and using a strong core in exercises, especially reduces the risk of lower back injury – which is a common one if the core isn’t engaged.

Exercises that specifically target and strengthen your core include variations of plank, v-sit, etc.

I have a mini-challenge for you – perform these two exercises daily, from Monday – Thursday:
Plank & Spiderman Plank London Personal Trainer1 Minute Plank
10 Spiderman Planks (on each side)
Rest For 1 minute
*3 SETS*

Bonus: Eat very clean this week, no cr*p. Are you up for the challenge?
Comment below if you are, and also comment here daily after you’re done.

November is going to be a great month for you. Because although we’re already a week into ‘Get Trimmer With Adura’, and I’ve had to turn away a few late entries, I’m running another program to get you in shape for the party season and help you beat the Christmas bulge.

Only catch is, it’s exclusively for those who live in London. This is because it also includes access to one of my classes every week, to help speed up the fat burning process. (If you’re outside London, contact me for info on other November programs).

You will also receive:

  • An initial consultation
  • A 28 day plan
  • A recipe ebook with all my favourite recipes
  • My personal nutrition rules & tips
  • Workout tips – do less and see more results!
  • End of program consultation

With all these resources, I have no doubt that you’ll get guaranteed results and will enjoy the festive period without your waistline suffering.

GREAT NEWS: I’m offering you a complimentary consultation and free class (no obligation!), to help you make the right decision. Click on the image below to claim yours now.

Christmas Party Season Classes. November Fat Loss Challenge. London Personal Trainer and Spin Classes. Friday and Saturday, I sent out the email to my mailing list, and shared this on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, most of the spots are now gone! Spaces are very limited as I want to get to know the ladies on this program, so claim your spot because once all spaces are gone, they’re gone!

Share this with your friends or anyone else you think might need this.

Get Trimmer (2012): WEEK ONE

Happy Monday 🙂

Hopefully you’ve recorded your measurements, even if you haven’t shared them here yet… *HINT*.

Could you please, also, take your waist and hip measurements? Also please take a look at the previous post to confirm your name’s on the list.

Thank you for being honest and posting both good and bad! That gives us more to work with 🙂


  • Try to avoid the breakfast cereals along the lines of Crunchy Nut, Frosties, etc. As I told someone today, you might as well have a glass of water with a few spoons of sugar. And usually with these, you find that you have to eat more to get that full feeling.
    If you must have cereal in the morning, have half a cup of porridge oats with milk and a handful of nuts or berries. Other options include: 2 x Weetabix, 1 cup of Shreddies.
  • No pastries or bakery products eg brioche, doughnuts, cakes.
  • Don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast?
    – Eat something even if it’s a piece of chicken or meat.
    – If you have access to health food stores, buy  protein snack bars eg ‘Trek’, ‘9’, ‘Bounce Balls’, ‘Nak’d’, ‘Cliff’, ‘Lara Bar’.
    -Boil eggs the night before and have one or 2.
  • Don’t snack on pasteries or baked goods.
  • Fruit or Nut – great choice
  • Protein Bar (especially if you don’t have much for breakfast)
  • Again, even a piece of fish, chicken or meat would do.
  • Keep the takeaways (Chinese, etc) to a minimum. You’ll save money and you’ll know exactly what’s going into your meals.
  • Order veggies with your Nandos chicken instead of the fries.
  • Cut down the rice and pasta portions
  • If you have salads, make sure they come with some protein (eggs, fish, chicken, etc) and always ask for dressing on the side. 
Don’t starve yourself: Eating little to nothing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll burn fat and lose weight. Fuel your body with the right foods and it will burn fat and calories, efficiently. Try to incorporate some protein in every meal. Breakfast: Eggs, Sausages, etc. Lunch/Dinner: Chicken, Fish, Meat. Snacks: Nuts as they’ll keep you fuller for longer and help supress your appetite.


The last 2-3 weeks have been a bit odd for me – I was ill, I travelled, I was ill and now I’m WELL 🙂 So I’ve decided to take part in this challenge with you too.

And before anyone says anything, I know I’m not overweight, we all know our bodies and when we need to get back on track 🙂

What’s my plan of action?

  1. I’m cutting out chocolate for the entire month of May. Although I only eat 70% (or more) chocolate, I usually finish a big bar over 2 days(weekend, when I do have it).
  2. I’ll have 2 strength based sessions per week:
    – Fitter London’s Kettlebells for Strength and Bodyweight Conditioning on Tuesdays @ 7am
    – Fitter London’s Kettlebells for Strength, Size and a Sixpack on Saturdays @ 11.30am.
    (All Fitter London classes can be found here:
    You should know how passionate I am about strength training so please read this post: I Love Strength Training.
  3. I teach 3 spin classes a week so those will be my cardio/endurance workouts.
  4. I’m cutting out plantain chips for the entire month of May. Trust me, they’re a real weakness of mine. Especially when I’m in a hurry, I just grab a pack and inhale it in 2 minutes flat!
  5. As always, I’m going to eat a lot of protein (More of fish, seafood. And chicken, eggs too) and vegetables. I’m also limiting mhy carbohydrates to sweet potatoes, beans and plantain. I’m not a fan of brown rice, I’d have added that to the list.
  6. No ice-cream, absolutely NO ice-cream. This is a major weakness of mine. 

Okay enough about me 😉

Set your goals for May (tomorrow’s the 1st).

  • Exercise: I’ll post some workouts for home and gym workouts. Aim for at least 2 days per week.
  • Diet: My advice would be to cut out all pastries, cakes, pizzas, deep fried foods, high-sugar foods and drinks, etc. Also reduce your carbohydrate portions and replace with vegetables (they are carbs too) and protein. It’s only one month in your long life and will fly by.
  • Frequency of meals: Eat at least three times a day and make sure you never get to a point where you’re ravenous. If you don’t like breakfast, no need to force yourself to eat an actual meal. Try something as little as a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit.
  • Snacking: Do this only when you feel peckish, sometimes I snack for the sake of it and it’s unneccessary. Snack on fruit (1 portion eg 1 apple, a handful of berries, 1 slice of pineapple, etc).

Please post your goals, it helps to write things down and share on a forum (here) because you feel more motivated to stick to these goals. I’m in Starbucks and I just had a banana with my Green Tea. I ignored the dark chocolate by the checkout, GO ME!

Sidenote: After going on an on on Twitter yesterday, I shared a few pointers. Which I’ve decided to share here because I know you don’t all have Twitter accounts:

Any questions, please ask and I will answer asap.

Good Luck and have a nice week!

    Get Trimmer (2012): Official Sign Up POST

    This 2012 challenge is over.

    Sign up for the next one, which starts on April 22nd, HERE:

    I know a few of you (listed below) commented on the YouTube video and under THIS post. I’ll also add names as they’re added to this post.

    Deadline for sign up is 11pm (UK time) on Monday 30th April.

    1. Okeoghene 
    2. Lam Lam 
    3. Daddy’s Girl 
    4. Iwalewa 
    5. Beautiful 
    6. Anon4Now 
    7. Gbemification 
    8. TheMsbeemo 
    9. Suliat
    10. Mayonne
    11. B
    12. BeeA
    13. BeePink
    14. Ceri
    15. FitDama
    16. NN
    17. Zioner
    18. And a couple of Anonymouses (please post a name)

    Please comment under this post with your info:

    – Weight AND/OR measurements (waist, hips, bust)
    – Goal (realistic please, 15-20lbs is the highest you should aim for in 4-5 weeks. So that losing any more would be a pleasant surprise.
    – And your entire food diary for a day.
    Thank you!

    As promised, I’ll be posting workout videos during, and after, this challenge.

    ‘Get Trimmer…’ WEEK EIGHT

    Hi Ladies,

    The challenge is over 🙂

    But the journey continues… and, as it’s been for me, it never ends.

    My journey was (and still is) a learning curve:

    • I started with Weight Watchers, learned a lot about eating healthy to lose weight
    • I didn’t stay on long enough to learn how to keep my weight stable ==>I kept losing weight
    • I go too skinny and then started eating a little more ==> Gained a little weight (which was necessary) and maintained a healthier weight for a year
    • Started going to the gym/running regularly and started eating even more ==> Weight Gain
    • Revisited my diet/nutrition and made some changes (permanent and not temporary for weight loss) ==> Went back down to a healthier weight and stayed there… Still here after a couple of years so I think I have it right now 😉

    So… although this challenge was for 8 weeks and to help with weight loss, a lot of the positive changes you’ve made should be permanent.

    • This doesn’t mean – no more rice, no more yam, no more ‘swallows’/’okele’, etc. 
    • It just means – smaller portions of these very heavy carbs and less frequency of their intake, 
    • Eating more vegetables and fish/chicken/meat. 
    • More nuts
    • Less sugary fruit
    • Eating smaller meals but more often (every 3 hours is a good guideline)
    Both last year’s and this year’s ‘Get Trimmer…’ posts can be viewed –> HERE <-- 
    Well done ladies and keep up the good work… and of course – healthy (nutrition, fitness and beauty) blog posts will always be a frequent occurrence here 🙂
    PS I need volunteers for a survey re: my new website (in development), please let me know if you’re interested in taking part. Thank you 🙂

    ‘Get Trimmer…’ WEEK SEVEN : Guest Post

    “Who hoo my starting weight was 65kgs I weigh 60kgs now!! In the beginning, my waist was 33cm now itss 29.5 cm! Progress. I’m so excited.”

    When I started this it was purely for fun. I’ve always been small and suddenly my size 8 clothes didn’t fit so well again plus little comments from people like “Ah Funto u better start going to the gym o! Looks like your work is not stressing you well enough” another person said “I see you have a lot more peace of mind at your job”. I got the nice and subtle hint and then I knew I had to take the GT challenge seriously.

    I love cooking so I just followed the examples of the meal plans Adura gave:

    • I ate more veggies, more sweet potatoes, less rice, plenty chicken (without skin) and I cooked with little or no oils ( I never believed Adura until I tried cooking without oil and I hate to admit Oil does not improve or reduce the taste and yumminess of your food).
    • I also reduced my consumption of fried stuff and ate more fruits like watermelon, pineapple, grapes and apples.

    An example of typical day was:

    • Oatmeal for breakfast,
    • fruit salad for lunch
    • 1 boiled plantain, 2 huge pieces of chicken and plenty efo riro (yummy efo riro with very little palm oil)

    and that filled me.
    Sometimes I swapped the oatmeal for a super yummy 9Bar (The Nutritious, carob topped mixed seed bar….. with hemp) for breakfast.

    Now to the part most people (including me) hate EXERCISE!!!!!!
    Well my major concern was my bulging tummy (it looks horrible and the fact that I have a small body doesn’t help) so I did lots of abdominal exercises (planks) and I found this website really useful I also did squats, lunges, press ups and some resistance tube exercises (thanks to Adura for my lovely resistance tube).
    When I started my body hurt like crazy but that was an indication that the exercises were working (I hope). I work out for about an hour everyday most times in the evening when I get back from work. I stopped taking the elevator (running to the 5th floor every morning is not funny oo!). So many times when im working out my Mom goes “you’ll soon disappear” but I shrug it off and keep working.

    There are sometimes when I just cannot avoid a little helping of Rice and Ofada stew with some fried plantain sha (but I don’t eat much of that I guess moderation is key)

    So enough of my stories!!! I’m not there yet, I wanna be a size 0 ( I really wish). I guess its all about making little life style changes and when u see the results and improvements, it makes you want to keep pushing.

    Well done Funto!
    I’ve met Funto and she is quite small so although 65kg sounds perfect to most of us, she was carrying a little extra weight around her midsection (sorry Funto! lol)

    I think she’s doing really well and the only thing I’d say is to have less of the sugary fruit (pineapples, fruit salads, etc) and more nuts and veggies. And slowly work on reducing the frequesncy of oatmeal for breakfast (which she seems to be doing by having the 9bars sometimes 🙂 )
    And I’m working on more fitness posts so watch this space.

    I’m so proud of you Funto 🙂 And honestly, you don’t need to be a size 0.

    ‘Get Trimmer…’ WEEK SEVEN


    The challenge is almost over but remember the main goal of this challenge is to start living a healthier lifestyle. So… although I’ll stop putting up ‘GT’ posts, I’ll still put up healthy eating and exercise tips so this is ongoing 🙂

    How are you all doing? I’m waiting for a blog post from Funto, she sent me this DM last weekend and I’m so proud of her!

    Who hoo my starting weight was 65kgs I weigh 60kgs now!! My waist is 29.5 cm! Progress. I’m so exited. Who hoo my starting weight was 65kgs I weigh 60kgs now!! My waist is 29.5 cm! Progress. I’m so excited. 

    I know 65kg as a starting weight seems small but I’ve met Funto and she has a small frame. She sent me her pictures during week 1 of the challenge and her problem area was her tummy. It is tough but try not to compare your progress/weight with others. I weigh about 68kg and if I ever weigh 60kg (Funto’s weight), I think I’ll be flesh and bones, no muscle even O_O

    So Funto… HINT! Send your post 🙂

    Check out Funto’s Post HERE.

    ‘Get Trimmer…’ WEEK SIX

    Hi Ladies,

    How are you doing? Weekend?

    Where are you? Have you deserted me in my time of need? :'(

    After a week of indulging (Mine and a friend’s birthdays, my God-daughter’s christening), lets’s just say I should be taking part in this challenge this week 😉

    I had cake, jollof rice and fried rice. Everything else was kinda ok – moin-moin (easiest translation for non-Nigerian readers- bean cake), stewed chicken and fish. Only problem was – there was EXCESS oil (chicken and fish). It tasted really good but at one point I felt I had a coating of oil on my tongue and I knew it was unhealthy but I kept saying, “Birthday Week, Greedy Week” <-- Haha! Please tell me you did better than me…! –> This week’s NUTRITION post <--

    ‘Get Trimmer…’ Week Six: Nutrition Post

    This week we’ll talk about ‘Staple Foods’ and will also be revisiting Snacking (again, I know) but this is a very important part of healthy eating.

    It’s easy to give excuses especially when faced with change…

    I have this friend, let’s call her N. She’s been frustrated because she can’t lose the extra 15 pounds which seemed to appear overnight about a year ago. We’ve had the same discussion countless times:

    N: I know what I’m going to do, I’ll skip breakfast, have a salad for lunch and eat little or nothing for dinner.

    A: You shouldn’t do that, you need to eat little and often to keep your blood sugar levels constant and to keep cravings at bay.
    N: But this *always* works for me so I’m going to do it.

    A few weeks go by:

    N: I’ve tried my usual way of losing weight and it’s not working, this is so frustrating! What do you suggest I do?

    A: Eat little and often. Load up all your meals with protein, eat less processed carbs & sugar, eat more vegetables…
    N: But eating once a day works for me!
    A: o_O Nope.
    As N is my friend, I can get frustrated with her and speak my mind. I am able to say – “This will most likely work for you, it’s worked for a huge load of people, there is absolutely no harm in trying! Worst case scenario, it won’t work and it’ll be back to the drawing board for us. Stop giving excuses!”
    Most times, I’m not that lucky… I have to be professional and neutral with my responses but it’s hard. Lol!

    Also… ‘Staples’. I’m Nigerian, I get it – we grew up eating generous portions of fried/jollof/white rice, yam pounded, boiled, fried), eba, amala, etc. <-- This isn't a reason to eat large portions. Make some changes and you will see some changes... definitely 🙂 Try new things:
    – Halve your portion of rice and double, even triple, your portion of veggies.
    – Eat more protein (it makes you feel fuller for longer and most times we eat, it’s cos we’re hungry).
    – Boil your yam, plantain. Use less palm oil. Try brown rice (cook it in home made stock) or basmati rice.
    – The list is endless, take a look at previous GT posts.

    So remember:
    • Snacking is essential. Some ideas in this post:
    • You can form new habits ie you can have new ‘staples’ <-- I loved Miss T's comment in last week's post about this :)
    • Drink more water as sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger as you sometimes can feel peckish when thirsty.
    • More protein, more vegetables and less carbs <-- Simple ;)

    As usual, post any questions here and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

      ‘Get Trimmer…’ WEEK FIVE

      Hello 🙂

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend – again I spent most of mine in bed or on the sofa trying to get a 100% better and I think I’m almost there 😀  Just in time for my 30th birthday tomorrow – unbelievable how time flies, I remember my 1st day in primary school at the age of SIX.

      As stated last week, the second half of the challenge will be a little more focused than the 1st half. I understand a lot of you are busy so won’t have time to check in everyday… but at least 2 comments from you per week would be great – one at the beginning of the week and one at the end. I’m feeling much better now so I’ll answer questions within 24 hours 🙂
      Sooo…  what did you eat this weekend?

      –> This Week’s Nutrition Post <--
      –> This Week’s Fitness Post <--