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How To Resist The Temptation of Unhealthy Food (#3)

Hi! Hope you’re well and are having a great week so far.

I started a mini video series a few weeks ago inspired by some blog posts here. I’ll be sharing tips that show that healthy eating is achievable no matter how many temptations are out there… Lol, yes I’m still talking about food ;)

Here’s the third installment in this series.

From the beginning…

Video #1

Video #2

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How To Stay Motivated… How I Get Back on Track

Thank God It’s Friday!!
I just got back from my Friday morning Fitter London class and I LOVE teaching that class. I leave most of my classes with a smile on my face but this one, I leave with a HUGE grin :D
This post/video was inspired by a question I’ve been asked and I’ve come across many times. I recently had a bit of a rough patch where I lacked motivation or the drive to stay on track. The steps detailed in this video really helped (and have helped in the past). I have highlighted these three because, in my opinion and personal experience, they played a huge role.
The steps are:
  1. Remember and Re-visit your Goals
    What made you decide on your current goal? Why is it important to you that you achieve your goals?
  2. Go back to your Inspirations
    Who inspires you? Someone who has gone through exactly what you are experiencing now? A friend? A stranger? Success stories online?
  3. Having a Support System
    Supportive friends, family and strangers (online community) play a huge role in helping you stay on track or if you’ve fallen off, will help you get back on track. This is a very important thing.
Watch for more:

If you have any questions or want to share other things that have kept you motivated, please comment below.
Have a nice weekend!

How To Cut Down On Carbs

I was on a Health & Fitness forum last week and someone started a thread titled, “Has anyone been able to cure their carb addiction?”. I clicked on it to share my experience but not before reading through people’s responses. A few of them stood out because I could relate!

Why cut down on carbs? Because excess carbohydrates consumed are converted into fat. And a lot of carbohydrates consumed (most of the time) are refined, processed, high in sugar and/or just done so in excess.

One of them went along the lines of, “Carbs are a huge staple in my home. I can’t give them up”. She mentioned bread and, I think, rice.

My plan is to post a video on my YouTube Channel (–>Click here to subscribe<--) but until then I decided on this write up.

Lol, an old picture from 3-4 years ago

I’m Nigerian. I grew up eating a plateful of rice with one piece of meat or chicken. I remember being told I had to finish my rice before being given my meat/chicken, which was the prize, haha! Rice, yam, eba, you name it. We love our carbs in Nigeria.

So I’m sure it’s a surprise to many that I can go days without eating any of the above and not feel deprived. I won’t say I don’t care for carbs anymore, that would be a barefaced lie. What I can honestly say is, I don’t depend on carbs and I still have the energy to work, work out and teach 4 spin classes per week (more work). FYI I eat “good” carbs during the week eg sweet potatoes, plantain (some might argue about plantain but it works for me), brown beans, etc. Watch my Food Diary series HERE for more of an idea of my eating habits. I do have days when I only crave carbs and not the good ones (which happened recently!) but now short lived, thankfully.

How Did I Get Here? 
1. Slowly Cut Down My Carb Portion and Replaced With Protein (chicken, meat, fish) And Vegetables

For example, when I made fried rice, I used less rice (half the usual portion) and more vegetables and prawns. I did the same for yam, potatoes, etc. If the meals didn’t usually include veggies, I added them or had an extra piece of meat/chicken to fill the void ;) Quick Note: Protein fills you up!
I did this for close to a year before I moved on to the next step… I was very resistant to more changes but I’m glad I didn’t stop here.

*I’m going to post a video on this topic where I’ll share more on my experience*

2. Changed My Breakfast from High Carbs To High Protein

I used to have 5 oatcakes (oat biscuits) post workout, because “I deserved them after working so hard” (ha!) and then a huge bowl of porridge oats (!!!) for breakfast once I got to work!! And I wondered why I wasn’t able to shift the little, but extra, weight around my middle!

My friend, Keris of Fitter London, challenged me to swap my oatcakes AND porridge for a protein bar. Imagine my alarm! But I rose up to the challenge ;)
I started off with having the protein bar and a banana post workout, I took out the banana after a week. I was surprised I didn’t feel hungry after having the protein bar and I wasn’t tired!

This wasn’t the bar but it’s close enough :)

The best bit was within 2 weeks, people started commenting on a difference in my physique. 2 weeks?! Now, remember I wasn’t overweight at this point but there was a visible difference.
*I later changed to cooked breakfasts but again, I’ll discuss more in a video.*

3. Cut Out Carbs Completely In Some MealsAt this point, I was used to eating protein rich foods so taking this step was easy. Eg I had salmon and eggs for breakfast. And sometimes, I’d have a large portion of fish or chicken for dinner, and add a little stew or soup.

Yesterday’s dinner… I had one more piece of fish ;)

You must remember that I aim to eat very well on Monday through Friday. On Saturday & Sunday, I treat myself. This way I don’t feel deprived and I’m able to treat myself reasonably. I’ve noticed that my treats have become healthier as the months and years have gone by. Once I mentioned to a friend I was treating myself and she laughed saying, “My healthy days are worse than your treat days”.

So the moral of the story is: 

If I did it, you definitely can!

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Photo Credit: Skinny Chef

How To Resist Temptation – Keep It Out Of Sight

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On to the main reason for this blog post…

I posted ‘Healthy Tip #2 – Keep unhealthy food out of reach’ last month.

Here’s a video to go with it:

And… this applies to anything, not just food ;)

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Healthy Eating Tip #3

Freeze It!

My friend, Vickii, gave me 2 slices of banoffee pie and pavlova this morning! She offered, I said yes OF COURSE!

Thing is – it’s Tuesday and I aim to eat healthy Monday – Friday. So what did I do? I didn’t taste either of them, held back during the tube journey back home, wrapped them in cling film and put them straight into the freezer.

I’m going to have one of them on Friday night or Saturday afternoon/evening… I cannot wait!

So if you have something in your fridge that’s really calling your name, something unhealthy, wrap it up and freeze it.

Try it, works for me most of the time :)

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Healthy Eating Tip #2

Keep unhealthy food out of reach!

This might sound obvious but I know many people who leave temptation right in front of them! How do you expect to fight the urge to eat a bowl of ice cream (this is aimed at me!) if you have a tub of ice cream in the freezer? Or chocolate? Or biscuits? Or… okay, enough of the day dreaming ;)

Seriously, I’ve found that keeping unhealthy foods away means I’ll eat healthier. Simple! On the days I decide to treat myself, I always buy enough to last only a couple of days.

Unfortunately for some of you, I’m sure it’s tougher at work. People bringing in random treats to celebrate one thing or the other. It is soo hard! The solution, and what worked for me, is to have healthy snacks with you – fruit, nuts, etc. If you absolutely MUST have a treat, keep it to a minimum. Don’t keep going back and always remember your goal(s).

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Healthy Eating Tip #1

Use a smaller sized plate for your meals. 

I remember when I was on WW years ago. It took me a short time to realise that using my smaller plates meant I had to serve less food to fill up the plate. The same portion looked so small on a larger plate!

Having the self control to not go back for seconds helps of course. But you’ll find that once you’re done with the 1st serving (on your smaller plate), you most likely won’t feel the need to eat more :)

Try it!

Photo Credit: How To Lose Weight Fast