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RECIPE: Nigerian Breakfast Bowl

Nigerian Breakfast Bowl

NOTE: This recipe has been labelled ‘Nigerian’ because all ingredients are locally grown in Nigeria. Of course, you can find all the ingredients around the world but it’s important to highlight this because we import a lot of vegetables & food here which usually means = pricey.

I have a client who loves ‘Buddha Bowls’, which really is just a more appetising and prettier way of presenting a salad. The first time I made mine, I fell in love! If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a fan of salads (really, raw leaves just don’t do it for me) but I have grown to understand it’s not all about me :p.

With the above in mind, I bought some Nigerian grown lettuce at an affordable N200-300 compared to the pricier imported lettuce. After putting it in the fridge, I forgot about it for a couple of days. One morning, after my client sessions, I came back home very hungry and couldn’t bear the thought of spending forever (read: more than 10 minutes) preparing breakfast. Then… I remembered my neglected lettuce. This breakfast took less than ten minutes and is now a firm favourite. Note: I used some leftover tomato and pepper sauce, yet another reason to cook in bulk – LEFTOVERS!

2 Eggs
Pre-made Totmato & Pepper Sauce
1-2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

  1. Wash the lettuce in 1 part vinegar + 9 parts water. Do a final rinse with water.
  2. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in a frying pan, at the same time warm the tomato & pepper sauce on low heat in a pot.
  3. Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add to the frying pan. Reduce to medium heat, stirring often to scramble the eggs. Add salt to taste.
  4. Add the lettuce to the bowl, follow with the eggs and sauce.
  5. Time to eat!

TIP: Make this a post workout bowl by adding a portion of grilled plantain or sweet potatoes for a healthy dose of ‘good’ carbs.

Nigerian Healthy Breakfast

P.S. Take a look at TRIMMER IN 28, our 28 day program. It has everything you need to kickstart your fat loss, eat healthy and tasty food like this and feel great!

1/4 Onion (Sliced)
2 Tomatoes (Sliced)
1 Bell Pepper (Sliced)

  1. Preheat coconut oil in a pan and sauté onions.
  2. Add the peppers and tomatoes, cook on medium heat for 10 minutes
  3. Simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Done!

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Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Green Pepper And Guinea Fowl Salad

Nigerian Salad Lettuce Tomato Green Pepper Cucumber Guinea Fowl Made In Nigeria

Nothing much to add to this colourful picture except – if you’re like me, and totally love your protein, feel free to add a side of guinea fowl to this.
I sometimes eat this with chicken from stew, the stew ends up being a ‘naija-style’ dressing.


Small sprinkling of sweetcorn aside, all ingredients in this salad are locally sourced (NIGERIA) – lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes and strips of smoke guinea fowl.

In these tough economic times, let’s focus more on eating our foods, which have many nutritional benefits, are tasty and more affordable. And make it a habit.

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Strength & Core Workout (With VIDEOS)

There is a method to the short workout videos I have started uploading on YouTube (Subscribe Here).

For example, I posted these 2 videos within a week of each other and see(!): you can put them together to make a significant chunk of your next workout… Let’s act like I didn’t just realise this a few minutes ago :p

NOTE: You absolutely HAVE to warm up before your workout. Include dynamic stretches which both warm up your muscles but also prepare your joints for exercise. Check my YouTube channel before the end of the week for a basic warm up routine that you can use for most workouts.

You also have to STRETCH post workout. I also will be uploading a basic stretch video that should be your MINIMUM stretch routine. If you have more time, it’s important to spend more time on stretching, especially the muscles you have worked.

Exercise Terminology Tip
Someone left a comment about how one of the videos below helped her finally understand what a set means. A set is one round of the required repetitions of an exercise or a set of exercises.
Using one of the videos from below:
10 Rows, 10 Pushups, 10 Squat Thrusts = 1 SET
When you’re instructed to do THREE sets, you perform all reps of the exercises, back to back, REST for the allocated time and repeat two more times.

Hope this helps!

In the videos below, you will perform all three sets of the first video before moving on to the second video.



Questions? Leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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Healthy Heart Recipe: Cherry Tomato, Prawn & Sweet Potato Stuffed Red Peppers

A new, very red recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Healthy Heart Waitrose Recipe. Valentine's Day.

Last week, I got an email asking if I was interested in sharing a ‘healthy heart’ recipe using Waitrose ingredients. I said YES, of course! I’m all about healthy food, especially trying out new recipe ideas – today’s was inspired by a suggestion from one of my Twitter followers!

Waitrose have actually created a Valentine’s-specific healthy heart recipes page on the Waitrose website to inspire recipes ideas and healthy ingredients to use: CLICK HERE.

This recipe was originally with plantain and turkey mince but someone forgot it in the oven *ahem*. Anyway….

Why is this recipe good for the heart, apart from the fact that it’s here on my blog?
Prawns are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help promote heart health. Every single ingredient in this recipe is highly nutritious and the end product is so tasty, I’ve already made it twice!

Waitrose Southern Sunshine Sweet Potatoes (1.5 cups)
Waitrose Raw King Prawns (2 x 150g)
Waitrose Intensely Sweet Full-Flavoured Cherry Vine Tomatoes (1 cup)
Waitrose Red Bell Peppers (x 2)
Onion (Half)
Unrefined Coconut Oil (2 tablespoons)
Seasoning: Ginger, Mixed Herbs and Pink Salt

  1. Peel and dice the sweet potatoes, also chop up the onions. Season the prawns with ginger, herbs and pink salt (as desired).
  2. Heat the coconut oil in a wok, and add brown the onions.
  3. Add the sweet potatoes and pan fry for 5 minutes on medium heat. At this point, the sweet potatoes will start to soften. Add the cherry tomatoes.
  4. Now add the prawns and stir fry until prawns start to pinken.
  5. Cut the bell peppers into equal halves (or chop off the top inch of each bell pepper to create a ‘bowl’) and preheat the oven to 170C/350F.
  6. Cover oven pan with baking paper and lay out the peppers.
  7. Add equal amounts of the filling (prawns, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes) to the peppers.
  8. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Best way to check if it’s all cooked is the pepper will start to shrivel, which means they’re getting extra sweet!
  9. Enjoy!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Healthy Tip: How To Curb Sugar Cravings

Roasted Plantain. Healthy Nigerian African Meal. Personal Trainer Adura.Last week, while working on a client’s 28 day plan, I got to the section on sugar cravings, the causes and how to curb them and it inspired last week’s email to my Mailing List.

Some causes of sugar cravings are more obvious that others, without going into too much detail:

  • Not eating enough – this leads to dips in blood sugar, which leads to wanting a quick fix for a sugar rush –> cravings!
    Solution: Eat more often – breakfast, lunch and dinner are a must.
  • Eating too much sugar – this is a vicious cycle, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it. Eating simple or processed sugars causes a quick spike in blood sugar, and an even quicker dip in sugar and energy levels —> more cravings!
    Solution: Cut out/down processed sugars and eat less high sugar fruit.
  • PMT/Menopause – Hormones! Isn’t it great being a woman? We become more prone to insulin resistance closer to the time of the month, or menopause as oestrogen and progesterone levels change. For a lot of women (like me!), this can lead to sugar cravings, feeling tired and emotional.
    Solution: Take Vitamin B6 supplements. Also make a big effort to cut down on sugar. I’ll talk about how I’m usually able to do this below.
  • There could be other health related causes including thyroid problems, yeast infections and more. Which is why you shouldn’t ignore other symptoms you might have, especially those that never seem to go away.
    Solution: Consult a medical professional in this case.

Try my top tip which works for me, and my clients:
– Roast your plantains, sweet potatoes, squash or yam. Roasting brings out the sweetness and natural flavours.
TMI (for some) but this always helps when I crave sweet treats right before and during my time of the month.

Do you have any tricks for curbing sugar cravings? Share!

Strengthen Your Core & Get A Flat Tummy

This workout is inspired by an email I sent to my Mailing List (Join HERE), which was inspired by this Facebook Post.

A flat tummy is something that most women I know want, FACT. You can achieve this by eating clean, cutting down on carbs, eating good carbs (e.g. sweet potatoes and plantains) and protein.
BUT you want more than just a flat tummy, you want a strong core, which will also result in a flat tummy when you follow the ‘flat tummy guidelines’ above.

Your core is more than your ‘abs’, which is what is visible to everyone. It consists of four important muscles that wrap like a belt around the midsection.

Why should you aim for a strong core?

  • It improves your posture – holding your body upright is done with ease, with a strong core.
  • It encourages better form – better posture enables you perform exercises more efficiently.
  • It reduces the risk of injury – good form and posture means you are less likely to injure yourself. Having and using a strong core in exercises, especially reduces the risk of lower back injury – which is a common one if the core isn’t engaged.

Exercises that specifically target and strengthen your core include variations of plank, v-sit, etc.

I have a mini-challenge for you – perform these two exercises daily, from Monday – Thursday:
Plank & Spiderman Plank London Personal Trainer1 Minute Plank
10 Spiderman Planks (on each side)
Rest For 1 minute
*3 SETS*

Bonus: Eat very clean this week, no cr*p. Are you up for the challenge?
Comment below if you are, and also comment here daily after you’re done.

November is going to be a great month for you. Because although we’re already a week into ‘Get Trimmer With Adura’, and I’ve had to turn away a few late entries, I’m running another program to get you in shape for the party season and help you beat the Christmas bulge.

Only catch is, it’s exclusively for those who live in London. This is because it also includes access to one of my classes every week, to help speed up the fat burning process. (If you’re outside London, contact me for info on other November programs).

You will also receive:

  • An initial consultation
  • A 28 day plan
  • A recipe ebook with all my favourite recipes
  • My personal nutrition rules & tips
  • Workout tips – do less and see more results!
  • End of program consultation

With all these resources, I have no doubt that you’ll get guaranteed results and will enjoy the festive period without your waistline suffering.

GREAT NEWS: I’m offering you a complimentary consultation and free class (no obligation!), to help you make the right decision. Click on the image below to claim yours now.

Christmas Party Season Classes. November Fat Loss Challenge. London Personal Trainer and Spin Classes. Friday and Saturday, I sent out the email to my mailing list, and shared this on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, most of the spots are now gone! Spaces are very limited as I want to get to know the ladies on this program, so claim your spot because once all spaces are gone, they’re gone!

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4 Tips On Speeding Up The Realisation Process: How To Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle:

It’s #TransformationTuesday on social media, I think it all originated on Instagram, but I may be wrong.

It’s a time when people post their before and after pictures to show their weight loss progress, well most of the time 😉

I find it very motivating because some people can relate to others’ before pictures, and knowing where they started from and where they are now just might give them that extra push to finally start working to wards their healthy goals.
This brought back memories… and the point of the post below is: You’re not ready until YOU are ready.
Stay with me, don’t roll your eyes! I can’t count how many times I heard, “You need to lose weight”, “You’ve burgered up” <-- Yes burgered! To some, especially one Nigerian pastor, the word burger is a verb, etc 
No matter how much hearing those kind of statements, hurt me. No matter how many times I decided to starve myself the day after… I didn’t make any real efforts until the day I saw the picture on the left:

Not only had I finally realised I had to do something, I was READY. A few months later, I was 40+ lbs lighter.

I’m sure a lot of you have had similar experiences and have probably even tried to diet (or starve yourself) for a short while, before going back to your usual habits. You’re not alone!

Knowing what I know now, I could have sped up that realisation process and I hope I can do that for you today:

  1. Educate yourself. Find out the risks of eating what you feel you can’t do without. When you start to learn about the harmful effects of being overweight, eating processed foods and other habits you can’t seem to shake off, you’ll start to think twice before you do anything.
  2. Subscribe to healthy resources, follow them on Twitter, ‘Like’ on  Facebook, join mailing lists
    (–> Join Mine Here <--), etc.
  3. Join a group. There’s a group I’m a member of on Facebook, two in fact! And the groups have a few thousand women, who have similar goals – to get in shape, and to stay in shape. Nothing better than spending time with like minded people. Seeing how well others are doing, motivating each other when you’re having “off” days, and inspiring each other along the journey.
  4. Join a program that has the group element stated above but with the added benefit of a professional to help you with your goals, exercise and nutrition.

    This is why I started the Get Trimmer program. Half of the battle is you deciding to dedicate time to sharing your meals, workouts, highs and lows. The other half includes the plans and guidelines I send weekly, my availability to answer questions in the group as soon as I can, and the support provided by others on the program.

    Registration isn’t open for the next round yet but it will start on Monday October 14th, details will be up soon.

Register Your Interest 

Wouldn’t it be great if YOU sent in your transformation pictures for me to share on here? Start implementing the steps above and it really could be you!

Yummy Post Workout Meal: Plantain & Eggs


Anybody out there?!?!

I’m so sorry for the silence on my blog but I was on holiday. I just got back yesterday and I have a LOT of blog posts coming… so stay around!

I had some drama at the airport on my way back, my flight to my connecting airport was delayed by almost an hour. I had 30 minutes to make my next flight, I was so sure I’d missed it that I strolled to the gate. Only to find out that the staff were JUST about to send someone else in my place.

So – I made my flight but my luggage didn’t! Lucky for me, there was a flight an hour after mine, I got my bags after an hour’s wait at the airport. I wasn’t too stressed out because it gave me time to finally update Week 2 of The Get Trimmer Challenge.

Anyway enough about me, I seem to talk about myself a lot, right? :p
Today was my first day back at work, I was at this morning’s Fitter London class – only to help out! I couldn’t have done a heavy strength session, I was exhausted. At lunchtime, I taught my first spin class in 4 weeks and I was really expecting it to be too hard for me, I loved every minute of it – it’s good to be back teaching 🙂
After the class, I made some pan fried ‘dodo’ (Nigerian name for fried plantains) and scrambled eggs (seasoned with parsley, chives and a pinch of salt), which is a great combination of good carbohydrates and protein. It hit the spot and I was able to get some more work done before my evening class.

Why is plantain a good carb? It’s a ‘slow-release’ carb, which means it releases sugar (energy) slowly into the system. I pan fried it in a tablespoon of coconut oil, which has many health benefits and my favourite thing to eat with plantain = eggs. They’re a great source of protein and just work perfectly with plantain. 

I posted a video on how I pan fry plantains some time last year, check it out:

See ya!

As One Challenge Ends, Another One Is Set To Begin.

If you follow me on Instagram (@adura_o), your timeline should have been bombarded with daily posts from me in plank position.

The reason is explained in “I’m Challenging Myself…” but if you can’t be bothered to click on the link, here’s a summary of what I did for 28 days:

1. 2 minutes of plank, daily.
2. 2 strength sessions, weekly.
3. Yoga 1-2 times, weekly.
4. Eating clean – Processed sugar free and low sugar.
– Completely treat free.
5. Cutting down carbs, except on workout days. Examples of carbs allowed: plantain, sweet potatoes and quinoa.
6. I teach 3 spin classes a week, that covered my cardio and HIIT.

I LOVED IT! Cutting out treats was a challenge for the first week, but after that – it was just fine. When I had cravings (e.g. time of the month), I just had bigger portions of carbs and that always helped. One day, I had roasted sweet potatoes and plantains!

RESULTS: Although, the change isn’t drastic, I see I’ve definitely lost some fat and even better, I feel GREAT!

The moral of the story is: Nothing Is Impossible. Stop making excuses, “Ahhh, I can’t NOT eat bread or biscuits, etc”. You can if you put your mind to it. I always tell people – If I can do it, anybody can.

It’s good to challenge yourself often, to keep you motivated and always on your toes. I’ve found myself relaxing back into bad habits, and this challenge has helped me get back on track.
My treats will be 0-1 weekly now. And I will continue with the daily planks 🙂

I have another personal challenge, which will start in a couple of days but enough about me!!

Speaking of challenges ending and beginning, Get Trimmer 4 JUST ended on Sunday 2nd June. The next one, GT5,  starts on Monday 17th June and a few spots are already gone! Sign up now to get the early bird offer.

I’ve had a few questions about alternative payment methods, send me an email and I’ll send you details —> email @

I have a few weeks off work so I will be recording videos and blogging more often 🙂

I’m Challenging Myself…

…and you, maybe?

I’m very proud of myself – after months of feeling stuck in a rut, I did my #CleanNineteen challenge in March. At the end of the 19 days, I felt more like myself than I had in ages, it almost felt like I had reset my attitude to my diet – I needed it!

So, to continue to motivate myself, and others I hope, I set myself another challenge for the month of May. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, it’s the progress and results you get at the end that matter.

I’ve used the #GetRippedWithAdura on Instagram hashtag because the other one I wanted to use had already been used for something else.

My starting picture is here:

Goal: More definition in my abs – to see a significant change in my abs/mid-section

1. Doing 2 minutes of plank daily.
2. Doing 2 strength sessions a week
3. Doing Yoga 1-2 times a week.
4. Eating clean
– Processed sugar free and low sugar.
– Completely treat free, especially during the 1st two weeks. And the option to have one treat per week during weeks 3 and 4 (but I plan not to).  By treats, I mean foods with processed sugar (cakes, ice-cream, etc)
– Cutting down carbs, except on workout days. Examples of carbs allowed are: plantain, sweet potatoes, brown beans and quinoa.

If you’re interested in following my progress or you want to join me on this challenge, follow me on Instagram: @Adura_O, where I’ll be posting daily updates on anything from my planks to the meals I eat. If you’re on Pinterest, I’m also posting daily updates —>

I started yesterday:

Please be aware this will not have the same structured approach and direction as the Get Trimmer Challenge. If you want weekly plans, tips, a forum and regular support, sign up for the next Get Trimmer Challenge HERE (starts on the 17th of June).