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Make More Progress This Month!

Happy Monday & Happy New Month!!! Β Where did August go? That was QUICK!

My goal for this month: *TO MAKE MORE PROGRESS* and I think you should join me!

Instead of trying to set brand new goals every month, why not continue from the previous month’s goals?
– Goals you’re close to achieving
– The ones you got lazy with
– Those that scared you

Make more progress with them this month! If you’re happy to, please share one of your goals that you’re carrying over from last month πŸ™‚

Why set a brand new set of goals, when you have uncompleted, and important, ones?
I’ve found I’ve had the best results when I write down my goals. Have you tried that yet? Does that work for you too?

Have a great month of making more progress and exceeding your expectations!

I Was Forced Out Of My Comfort Zone Today… I Think I Loved It!


I’m not even sure why I’m so energetic considering that I SPRINTED in today’s workout! I’m sure you’ve noticed I hardly ever talk about running on here. I have shared tips on starting a running routine (Read Part I and Part II) but I don’t run anymore.
I used to run years ago but mainly for exercise and to keep challenging myself. I stopped about 3 year ago when I discovered other things I actually enjoyed.

Today’s Fitter London workout started with 30+mins of running. We jogged for 5 minutes then did what felt like a million sets of 20s and 10s sprints, with rest in between each set. We finished off with a relay, which brought out my very competitive side… LMAO, I might have cheated while overtaking someone

I’ll be honest I do love a good sprint but for just one set of 10 seconds, or something! Today’s session took me WAY OUT OF my comfort zone, and after the sprints we jogged back to the gym and finished with 4 sets each of 6 reps of heavy kettlebell shoulder presses, dead cleans and rows. Heavy lifting, LOVE IT!

And guess who’s teaching a spin class in less than 2 hours…. ME! (I’m going to sleep so well tonight!).

Nothing gets you fitter like constantly challenging & shocking your body! Why don’t you try something different (and challenging, of course!) today? And when you do, tell me about it πŸ™‚

Have a great day!

Ceri’s Weight Loss Story and a Recipe!

Hello πŸ™‚

Here’s a video with Ceri of Her story’s similar to mine, and many others’, so watch it before you think you can’t reach your weight loss goals.

We really hope it motivates someone, ok honestly many people, out there.

Watch it, Rate it, Subscribe and of course check out Ceri’s blog.

And check out her Paleo Bread recipe, it is very good, I had some of course!

How To Stay Motivated… How I Get Back on Track

Thank God It’s Friday!!

I just got back from my Friday morning Fitter London class and I LOVE teaching that class. I leave most of my classes with a smile on my face but this one, I leave with a HUGE grin πŸ˜€
This post/video was inspired by a question I’ve been asked and I’ve come across many times. I recently had a bit of a rough patch where I lacked motivation or the drive to stay on track. The steps detailed in this video really helped (and have helped in the past). I have highlighted these three because, in my opinion and personal experience, they played a huge role.
The steps are:
  1. Remember and Re-visit your Goals
    What made you decide on your current goal? Why is it important to you that you achieve your goals?
  2. Go back to your Inspirations
    Who inspires you? Someone who has gone through exactly what you are experiencing now? A friend? A stranger? Success stories online?
  3. Having a Support System
    Supportive friends, family and strangers (online community) play a huge role in helping you stay on track or if you’ve fallen off, will help you get back on track. This is a very important thing.
Watch for more:

If you have any questions or want to share other things that have kept you motivated, please comment below.
Have a nice weekend!