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Fitter Food – A Lifelong Recipe For Health & Fat Loss

“Nutrition explained so so simply and scrumptious, healthy meals” <-- My words! I’ve told Keris & Matt of Fitter Food about my plans to upload videos of my Nigerian adaptations of the recipes in their debut book.

Problem is I told them over a month ago and still haven’t put the video together so expect a blog post (hint: rice, plantain and stew with a Fitter Food twist) tomorrow and the video will be up at a later date.

This book has had so many positive reviews! Nutrition and fitness experts recommend it, everyday people love it.

This book is half valuable nutrition info and half scrumptious, healthy recipes and it’s worth way more than it’s being sold for. It answers so many questions I often get asked, in the simplest manner possible. And the recipes have been tried and tested by many, with amazing feedback posted on the Fitter Food Facebook page.

A lot of my nutrition knowledge has come from Keris (our sauna chats are usually about her new discoveries about nutrition. How lucky am I?) and Matt is a complete natural in the kitchen (I had dinner at theirs last month and – yummmm!).

The vegetable spaghetti is a favourite of mine, here is a picture posted a few weeks ago:

The above is my long-winded way of saying, get the book here now:

Thank me later 😉

Exercise Class Review: Zumba

“Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.”

I’m yet to try a Zumba class, I keep meaning to but the class that’s easily accessible is on the same day I teach 2 spin classes so I’m always exhausted. I will soon though so I can share my thoughts on it 🙂

This is another review by Ogo (she reviewed Fitter London Kettlebells last week), her review is on a class in Lagos, Nigeria. I will hopefully (finally) try out a class here in London and post a review soon…

I have taken Zumba classes for a couple of years now, and I am absolutely addicted. Zumba is a form of exercise that combines elements of Latin, swing and ballroom dance (and sometimes hip-hop dance as well). A typical class at De Baile, for example, incorporates bachatta, cha-cha, jive, samba, merengue and salsa moves, along with lots of body conditioning exercises.

The instructor builds high-intensity movements into each dance style, and then allows you to slow down a little before kicking it up again, so Zumba utilises high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Each of these dance styles has its own unique movements and qualities – for example the jive is a really energetic and fast-paced dance, the cha-cha is sassy with lots of fierce attitude, and the samba is earthy and sensuous. Each dance style also targets certain parts of your body while engaging the entire body – for example the samba provides a great core workout, while the cha-cha is great for the hips and thighs.

I love to dance – I just love to move my body to the beat of music, which is why Zumba is the perfect form of exercise for me. It allows me to do what I enjoy while still getting a good workout. After consistent ‘Zumba-ing’, I’ve definitely noticed greater flexibility, more energy, a more toned body (especially my legs and butt), and most satisfyingly, I am much more aware of, and in tune with, my body. I also love that Zumba never gets boring, because I’m constantly trying to improve my technique. There is always something new, fun and challenging to learn, especially because my instructor, Bunmi Olunloyo, constantly introduces more advanced steps and dance routines to literally keep us on our toes. And after dancing my heart out in each class, it feels really good to do my stretches at the end of the class as a reward for all that hard work.

I would definitely recommend Zumba for anyone looking for a fun, fast-paced, energetic and effective workout. It’s really easy to follow if you have a good instructor, and it’s really enjoyable into the bargain. You just might feel a little silly shaking your hips to the Latin beat in your very first class, but trust me, before long, you’ll be hooked.

Venue: De Baile Studio, 33 Moloney Street, Lagos
Times: Mondays & Fridays at 6.30pm, Saturdays at 10.30am
Contact no: 08023005649

Another company running classes in Lagos is 
Zumba Fitness Nigeria

I’ve heard some good reviews from others about these classes.
BNatural Spa, 11 Oduduwa Way GRA, Ikeja on Monday & Thursday, 6pm to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 9am.
DaYoga Studios at Zebra Living, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, Victoria Island on Tuesdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
Contact: Facebook Page

Community Center, Glover Court, Ikoyi on Mondays and Thursdays 6:30pm and Saturdays 9:00am.
Contact: Website

Do you attend Zumba classes? Where? Would you recommend?



In addition to living as healthy a lifestyle as possible, I also try to live naturally and cleanly:

  •  My hair and skin products are either labelled as ‘Natural’/’xyz free’ or home-made using natural ingredients. 
  • I eat as organic as I can afford but I will admit – I don’t always do this.
Which brings me to the deodorant range I’m reviewing. My friend Keris who is a Naturopathic Nutritionist advised me that my regular deodorant was not ideal if I was seriously trying to live cleaner and more naturally. The main things to look out for were: “Aluminium Free” & “Paraben Free”.
I happened upon this product by pure chance, I was walking back from teaching a Spin class and saw a chemist which sold natural products. I went in to have a quick browse and saw a couple of deodorants but this stood out because in addition to meeting the requirements, it was also fragrance free (and made in America, haha!). It cost £4.99 ($3.99 in the US).
“Our elegant natural fresh deodorant crystal roll on combines all natural ingredients like alum to eliminate odor causing bacteria while providing 24 hour non-staining hypo-allergenic protection. With natural fresh deodorant crystal roll on, chamomile is added to soothe and moisturize shaved underarms. Non-sticky, non-greasy-feels like a luxurious skin lotion, all of this with our natural roll on deodorant.”
Nat Fresh Deo products are aimed towards:
  • Men and Women with sensitive skin and require hypo allergenic products
  • People seeking a healthy alternative or better lifestyle (me! me!!)
  • People undergoing radiation and cancer treatments
The main things I love about this product are:

  • The obvious: it is natural! 
  • Non-staining: Deodorants I used in the past sometimes left white marks on my clothes.
  • It works:  it is a deodorant so I don’t stink 😉
The first day I used it, I’ll admit I got impatient because it took a little longer than my regular deodorant to dry.
Tip/Feedback: Apply immediately after you shower (once you’ve dried your body)
It had no smell, and I was worried it meant I would stink.
Tip/Feedback: I was wrong, although it had no smell (Fragrance Free, duhh!), I didn’t stink and neither will you
I didn’t feel completely dry for the 1st couple of weeks but I relented because my health was more important.
Tip/Feedback: As if by magic (seriously), my body got used to it. It dried completely within a few minutes and I stayed dry.
I really like this product, last time a friend went to America, I made sure she brought back enough to last me till Christmas 😉
Now, I recommend this product to friends, family and strangers – seriously! I have met people at parties and gone from answering questions about my hair care to telling them all about this product!

Why should YOU use this product?
  • It is a natural and healthier way to keep odours at bay 
  • It is effective, it does exactly what it says.
  • Some studies have shown that the build up of aluminium in the brain has been linked to breast cancer and brain tumours (contact for more info)
I really believe we all should start taking steps towards living a more natural lifestyle, too many products we use contain ingredients that we can’t even pronounce, ingredients that have been processed over and over again.
And Really: Healthy living inside & out is important.

In addition to deodorants (unscented and scented), other products available include body sprays, deodorant sticks, lip balms, refrigerator fresheners and more. Look out for more reviews and Giveaways (thanks Nat Fresh Deo!).
For more info on Nat Fresh Deo:
Where to Purchase (US) (I’ll post the address of the shop I bought mine later)

Exercise Class Review: Fitter London’s Vinyasa Yoga

Fitter London have now added yoga classes to their timetable which now makes it well-rounded.  Everything needed is now covered – from strength to cardio to conditioning to YOGA 🙂

If you’re wondering, why you should add yoga to your current workout routine, check out this link: “WHY DO YOGA?”

If you follow me on twitter (@Adura_O), you’ll know I’ve been attending Bikram yoga classes for the last month and a half. My friend Keris invited me to a class and although I was a little extra-dramatic (it’s me, that’s not unexpected!), I could already feel the positive effects by the end of the day.

After attending a few more classes, I finally FINALLY appreciated yoga classes and told anyone willing to listen that they should give yoga another try. 

I’ll be honest – I’ve never been a fan of yoga. My excuse – it was too boring but the more I thought about it, the more I realised it frustrated me so much because I couldn’t do anything. I was so inflexible and just couldn’t hold any postures but I never gave it time and always gave up after a couple of classes. I remember going for a yoga class 3 years ago and while I was struggling with a shoulder stand, a few show-offs people effortlessly got into headstands!

Fitter London’s yoga instructor – Katie already stands out. Why? Because she’s been the most supportive and helpful yoga instructor I’ve seen in a while (my experience with some yoga instructors can be another blog post!). I had never ever tried a headstand (ever!) and this happened on Sunday:

I wasn’t even going to attempt it but Katie said I should give it a go and lo and behold – I did it!

There were a couple of beginners in the class and they were advised to take things in their stride. Most yoga postures have a few levels, you always benefit from them if you’re a novice or a veteran. If at any point, you feel tired or unable to do some postures – you’re advised to stay in child’s pose <--- I like! These classes slowly build up from a warm up – quite a few downward/upward dogs and these help mobilise the joints and warm up the muscles – to some basic postures. We slowly built up to the last few  that were quite challenging but as always, there were options for the less experienced. Katie plays mellow but funky music throughout the class which I loved. I found myself humming to some of the tracks but not in a distracting manner of course 😉 I’ve been to three of her classes so far and I love them because every class is different, there were a few new poses (to me) last weekend and I got the chance to improve on some other poses from previous classes.

I love strength training and I teach a lot of spin classes, I do mobility drills pre-workout and stretch post-workout but honestly, they’re not enough. I found I was feeling tighter all over especially in my hamstring (back of my thighs), calves and back. I can confidently say that after ~20 yoga sessions so far, I have increased flexibility in my problem areas, I always leave classes with a clear head/mind and I feel better and calmer for it. I used to be anti-yoga now I’m PRO-YOGA 🙂 I’m looking forward to where I’ll be after the next 20 classes!

Fitter London’s yoga classes will officially begin on Sunday 25th September (11.30am every Sunday in Fitness First Covent Garden), if you’re interested in the classes send me an email: Adura’at’ Your first class is absolutely free (no small print!) 😉

The Fitter London class timetable and prices can be found HERE

Exercise Class Review: Fitter London Kettlebells

Ogo lives in Lagos but was in London for a week (for work) and was interested in trying out a Fitter London class.

She was kind enough to send in a review, thanks Ogo 🙂

Prior to attending my first kettlebell class in London last month, I knew next to nothing about kettlebell training. I had never even picked up a kettlebell, so I had no clue what to expect.

The class began with a warm-up, and then the instructors (Adura and Lucy) showed us the basics. Then we launched into it – a series of exercises that had my heart racing right from the get-go. I remember doing goblet squats, mountain climbers, lunges, and a lot more besides.

Before each set, the instructors demonstrated the exercises, and also gave us pointers throughout to help us maintain the correct form and stay motivated.

With this kind of guidance available, I think anyone (regardless of fitness level) would be able to take a kettlebell class.

I found the class really intense and challenging – I really felt like I was pushing myself, and that’s a good thing. I clumsily struggled my way through it, huffing and puffing (and sweating) like no man’s business, helped along by the lively instructors and some great music. It was really tough, but it was actually enjoyable at the same time. We ended the class with some abdominal work and stretches.

At the end of it I was exhausted, but I felt really exhilarated (gotta love those post-workout endorphins!). I had a nice ache in my muscles the next day as evidence that I had given my body a really good workout.

Despite my dismal showing at my first class, I can definitely see myself taking kettlebell classes on a regular basis, getting better at it, challenging myself more, and gaining a great sense of achievement as well as a fitter, stronger, more toned body. I really liked the fast pace of the class, and I felt like being in a group made me work much harder to complete the exercises than I would if I had been working out alone.

I will definitely revisit kettlebell training in the future, and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Ogo did *really* well and I’ll definitely drag her to  look forward to seeing her in another class when next she’s in London.

I attended my first ever Fitter London class three years ago and I loved the classes so much, I now teach some of them 😉 That should tell you how amazing they are!

If you live in London, or are just passing through send me an email (Fitter London email address) – come & try a class, you’ll love it!

At least one Fitter Fitter London class will meet whatever fitness goals you have – strength, weight loss, cardio, endurance, etc. Your first class is FREE! For a full listing of Fitter London classes, check out the class timetable HERE.

Photo Credit: E Etomi Photography

Another Healthy Snack Bar Review: 9-Bars

Reposting This as the bars are available in Lagos right now, email me for more info:

I LOVE these bars 🙂 I was introduced to them by Keris and Matt of Fitter London last year. Perfect timing as I needed a healthy snack option which was high in protein and most importantly – contained natural ingredients 🙂 These bars contain carbohydrates but the sources aren’t processed… carbs aren’t the devil, as long as they’re from natural sources 😉

I took them to the Nutrition & Fitness workshops (More info HERE) in Lagos and everyone loved them. The feedback I got, after the workshops, was – “The chocolate covered bars were the best”. It is not chocolate, it’s actually carob (a chocolate substitute). <-- Which is why I've decided to make them available to purchase in Nigeria... but more to come on that later 😉 In 9-Bar’s words “9Bar is a deliciously nutritious seed bar designed to get the maximum nutritional goodness from seeds in a convenient and tasty way, so its no great surprise to find the main ingredient of a 9Bar is a blend of wholesome seeds.”

Why have a 9 bar instead of chocolate or flapjacks or biscuits? They are healthier and highly nutritious – Amongst many other nutrients, they contain protein which makes you feel fuller for longer (including all 20 essential amino acids), minerals and vitamins (including potassium, b vitamins, vitamin d and more)
Most chocolate bars:
– are full of empty calories: They are of very low nutritious value for the amount of calories they have
– contain processed ingredients eg corn syrup and artificial flavor and as you know I’m a full supporter of natural ingredients.

This is my favourite and seems to be the same for majority of people. This bar is covered with carob which is is extracted from the carob bean (also known as locust beans) and is sometimes used as a substitute for chocolate. This bar tastes soo nice (and I’m yet to get a negative review about it) and the carob tastes like chocolate… someone told me it’s almost like it’s too good to be true (Ingredients are listed below, these bars contain sugar BUT a small percentage and they are from natural sources. Sugar in small quantities is fine!):

  • As long as you have a maximum of one bar (as a snack) a day, this will serve it’s purpose as a healthy snack. 
  • I’ve had 2 on some days especially if I have one bar as breakfast when I’m on the move and don’t have time to sit down and have a cooked breakfast. 

Ingredients: Mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, poppy) (55%), carob topping (sugar, vegetable fat, soya, carob, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin) (15%), honey, raw cane sugar, vegetable oil, dehulled hemp seed (3%).

For more info on 9-bars, check out their website:

Email me if you’re interested 🙂

Bounce Balls: Vickii’s Review

Say hello to Vickii my 1st Guest blogger (there will be more reviews from her 🙂 ).

Vickii is a writer and a baker, I’ve been lucky enough to read her work and taste her baking (Vickii… will you bake me a cake for my birthday please :)?). As amazing as her baked goodies are, I’d advise you to have them as treats in small quantities 😉

Check out her blog:

I have one claim to fame only. I am known for being a huge fan of food. Since I am always on look-out for healthy AND tasty foods, I jumped at the chance to review the Bounce Balls for Adura.

I’m not going to lie; they had me at ‘Bounce Balls’. Who wouldn’t want to eat anything with a name like that? And they’re round too! However, a visit to the website (while I awaited my delivery) left me slightly less enthused. They’re described as “delicious, healthy snacks made from 100% natural ingredients”. Okay, while that assured me that they would be good for me,  in my experience, words like ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ sometimes need to be kept far, far away from the word ‘delicious’. I can’t say it helped my apprehension at all that Adura had told me one of the balls was the Spirulina Ginseng flavour. To me, that name conjures up a combination of spinach and yoga (I have no idea why!).
The balls arrived and the fun, playful packaging got me excited once again.

I decided to have the Peanut Protein ball as a late breakfast. And I was very pleasantly surprised. At just the right combination of chewy and dense, it had a clear nutty taste which wasn’t overwhelming and it was very tasty. I liked the chopped peanut bits it was rolled in and with 15g of protein, I loved the “natural high quality protein” hit which it gives me (I have been assured by Adura that protein is VERY good for me).

Later the same day, I decided to have the Spirulina Ginseng flavour as a snack and I have to say, I totally had to eat my words about the yoga and spinach. It does look a bit like green stuff coated in nuts but it tastes like marzipan. It was luverly. I absolutely loved the taste! I wonder how many more ways I can say how great the taste is before Adura edits me heavily! Quite honestly, the only thing that gives away how natural it is, is the way it looks. As it is less dense and lighter than the other two, I think it is pretty much the perfect snack. No surprise then that it is their bestselling ball.

The Almond Protein ball had a bit of a tough act to follow as the Spirulina Ginseng flavour and I had something pretty special going but it held its own very well. It also had that marzipan flavour although it was more subtle. Otherwise it was more similar to the first ball; denser and more filling. This also provides a high dose of protein making it “popular with gym members who require a healthy satiating snack on the run”.

All in all, I was very impressed by the Bounce Balls. I have tried a few other natural bars and these would definitely rank very near the top. I loved that the taste had none of the negative connotations a ‘natural-phobe’ like me would associate with the word ‘natural’.  My only qualm would be that the Peanut and Almond protein balls pack quite a few calories into a ball that is essentially a quick snack. But if you have a balanced and healthy diet, I’m sure you could squeeze one of these in to your day.


Online shop

These bars will be available to purchase in Lagos from July/August.