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Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 5

I’m not only sticking to this, I’m LOVING it!
Today’s session was exactly the same as last Sunday’s – I intend to do the same for the next 2-4 weeks( It’s so encouraging and satisfying to see progress e.g. there was a pose that had a progression I couldn’t do last week – I did it today!

I’ve also dedicated Wednesdays (after teaching an early morning spin class) to deep stretching with Yoga. Last week’s was for deep release for the hips, hamstrings and lower back ( <--- I felt AMAZING after, although I was struggling a little, while doing it. Ahh, the joys of stretching.

Stretching is such an important part of a fitness routine, try to add it if you haven’t already!
PS I also tried Pilates yesterday, and I found it to be a great core workout. I’ll be revisiting it soon.

Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 4

See, I’m sticking to it! And I feel better and better every week. I did the same routine as last Sunday, it is quite challenging. My plan was to do an easier one but I ended up teaching both Fitter London classes – which meant I couldn’t take part in the Strength session. So, I decided to challenge myself today and I sure did!

I’m a member of a group on Facebook and I’m glad to see a few ladies want to add ‘Yoga Sunday’ to their routine. This will motivate me even more! Flexibility is a very important part of a workout routine, so it should be included.

Do you attend weekly Yoga sessions?

Remember: If you’re a beginner, attend a class so an instructor can assist you, when needed.

Have a great week ahead. 

Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 3

I’m still keeping up with #YogaEverySunday 🙂

Today’s session was just over an hour long. It was very challenging and I will revisit that video very often.

Thanks to Susan of Eights & Weights, I am now a fan of Do Yoga With Me and today’s yoga session was:

And just a little something for you to laugh at… Just when I was getting confident with my flexibility and yoga progress, THIS happened:


If nothing at all, I’m showing you a creative way to grab your own butt. But watch this space, give me a couple of months, I’ll post a picture of me doing it with ease, palms flat on my lower back 😉
PLEASE NOTE: Attend a yoga class or book a 1 to 1 session with a qualified yoga instructor, if you’ve never done yoga before. DVDs and YouTube videos are more suitable for those comfortable with yoga.

Did Yoga Help Me Sleep?

Hope you had a nice weekend.

I’d been having trouble sleeping for over a week and was getting very frustrated! It wasn’t insomnia, I was stressed and just couldn’t relax. Last night, I finally had a good night’s sleep and woke up full of energy today – what did I do? The only different thing I did on Sunday was a yoga session, I followed an intermediate Vinyasa flow yoga routine on YouTube.

If that really is what helped me finally relax, I’m definitely going to continue with my new routine (#YogaEverySunday) and add a mid week session too. 

I decided to start yoga again to help with my flexibility, stretching and strength. I’ve always been skeptical about the other benefits of yoga, this skepticism hasn’t gone away overnight but I’m a little curious now. It’s been said that yoga also reduces stress, increases calmness, improves mood and concentration. I want it all!
Ideally, I’d be attending classes but honestly, I’m rich, in Jesus’ Name (My Mummy used to say that, lol!).

If you’re interested in adding yoga to your routine and are new to it, please don’t learn on your own. Look for a beginner’s class in your area, for many reasons including:

  • You’ll have a qualified instructor to assist or correct you when needed. 
  • There’ll be a reduced risk of injury or aggravation of an existent injury.
  • The instructor will help provide modifications to suit you.
DVDs and YouTube videos might be detailed but having an experienced instructor, to watch and help you, is safer and better. If you’ve attended enough classes to understand a few things, then you can get a DVD.

I’ve seen (but not tried) a few yoga DVDs on on Amazon. Remember: buy DVDs when you’re comfortable with yoga. A couple are (click images for more info):

Here’s to more sleep, less stress, more concentration and improved moods for us all! 
Have a great week!

Do you practice yoga regularly? Do you want to, and need any tips/recommendations?

Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 2

Another Sunday, another yoga session today 🙂 I did a 30 minute intermediate yoga routine from YouTube. I followed that with some back-bending, as seen in the wheel pose below.

Only try this if:
1. You’re comfortable with the wheel/bridge pose
2. You’ve warmed up your back and arms (downward/upward dogs, child pose, etc)
3. Ideally, it’s best to do it in the presence of a yoga instructor

So don’t be too hasty too try this, as my friend Teemz says, “Be kiafu”, like she’s joking! Interpretation: Be careful 😉

Read more about the wheel pose here:

If you want to keep up with My Stretching Pledge, follow me on Instagram (@Adura_O) and look for the #YogaEverySunday hashtag. If you want to join me on this pledge, post pictures and tag accordingly 🙂

I posted the below (inspired by the picture above) on Facebook and decided to share here too:

Just a little motivation/encouragement here 🙂

Years ago, the most I could run was 200m (I was a sprinter (100 + 200m) in secondary school but after I moved to the UK, I gained weight. I eventually lost all the weight but still couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes).
In 2004 (or ’05), I signed up for a 5km race, trained for that and ended up running a few 5KMs, 10KMs and 2 half marathons over a few years. All thanks to training and hard work 🙂 

 Same goes for my flexibility – I could barely touch my toes a couple of years ago but again, through hard work and practice, my flexibility has improved ten-fold.
It still tickles to hear people refer to me as ‘flexible’!

 So keep working hard, focus on your goals and you’ll reach and exceed them!

 Have a great week ahead!

My Sunday Stretching Pledge

Earlier last month, I shared my Workout Routine (Read Here) and I obviously spend too much time working my body hard and too little time working on my flexibility and stretching.

Stretching is so important, amongst other things, it helps with muscle recovery and injury prevention, I should know! I wasn’t stretching enough a couple of years back and one day, I leaned over to pick up a kettlebell after teaching a class… and I felt this HORRIBLE spasm in my lower back! I couldn’t do anything for almost an entire week. I had to see an osteopath and I found out it was because my mid back was too tight (yep, not enough stretching!!!).

I decided to dedicate an hour every Sunday to stretching… well, I kinda fell off the wagon after a couple of weeks. Good thing is – I’m back on it 🙂


The above is called a ‘Bridge’, trust me, I’m no yoga expert so this isn’t a perfect bridge.
This has many benefits but I notice it helps stretch my hip flexors, my back, shoulders and chest. I aim to stay in this pose for at least 30s and relax into it, instead of forcing it.

Be careful with this, if you haven’t tried it before or have shoulder or neck injuries or problems with your lower back, there are a couple of regressions, check out

Every Sunday will be a freestyle mix of stretching, amateur yoga (things I remember from yoga classes I’ve attended) and yoga videos. Ideally, I’d like to attend one yoga class a week but I can’t commit to that right now with my current schedule. Once I can afford to drop a spin class, I’ll immediately replace that with a yoga session – FOR SURE!

I hope I remember to post a picture here and on Instagram every Sunday, this way I’ll not forget to stick to this very important addition to my routine.

Do you stretch? Do you attend yoga classes?

Have a nice Sunday and a great week!