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Telephone: 0812 824 8489
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To help decide what option is best for you, contact me and we will discuss your health, lifestyle and goals to help determine how I can best support you.


1. Tell me more about yourself.
Read More About Me HERE.

2. Could you please share some weight loss tips?
There’s a lot of information on this blog. Do a search for healthy tips, recipes, workouts, etc
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If you require a tailored program (online or in-person), please send me an email: info @ adura-o . com (take out the spaces before sending the email).

Sign up for ‘Trimmer In 28’ – a 100% online group program, that runs for 28 days.
GREAT NEWS: In addition to the current online format, from January 2015, Trimmer In 28 will include Workout sessions and weekly meetings.

3. Do you offer Personal Training services? What are your rates?
I offer one-to-one, group and online Training. Please contact me for more information.

4. Could you suggest some healthy meals and recipes?
There are a lot of healthy recipes on my blog. Search for ‘healthy recipes’ in the search box on my sidebar. I also post recipes on my YouTube channel, so make sure you *SUBSCRIBE* now.

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