Did Yoga Help Me Sleep?

Hope you had a nice weekend.

I’d been having trouble sleeping for over a week and was getting very frustrated! It wasn’t insomnia, I was stressed and just couldn’t relax. Last night, I finally had a good night’s sleep and woke up full of energy today – what did I do? The only different thing I did on Sunday was a yoga session, I followed an intermediate Vinyasa flow yoga routine on YouTube.

If that really is what helped me finally relax, I’m definitely going to continue with my new routine (#YogaEverySunday) and add a mid week session too. 

I decided to start yoga again to help with my flexibility, stretching and strength. I’ve always been skeptical about the other benefits of yoga, this skepticism hasn’t gone away overnight but I’m a little curious now. It’s been said that yoga also reduces stress, increases calmness, improves mood and concentration. I want it all!
Ideally, I’d be attending classes but honestly, I’m rich, in Jesus’ Name (My Mummy used to say that, lol!).

If you’re interested in adding yoga to your routine and are new to it, please don’t learn on your own. Look for a beginner’s class in your area, for many reasons including:

  • You’ll have a qualified instructor to assist or correct you when needed. 
  • There’ll be a reduced risk of injury or aggravation of an existent injury.
  • The instructor will help provide modifications to suit you.
DVDs and YouTube videos might be detailed but having an experienced instructor, to watch and help you, is safer and better. If you’ve attended enough classes to understand a few things, then you can get a DVD.

I’ve seen (but not tried) a few yoga DVDs on on Amazon. Remember: buy DVDs when you’re comfortable with yoga. A couple are (click images for more info):

Here’s to more sleep, less stress, more concentration and improved moods for us all! 
Have a great week!

Do you practice yoga regularly? Do you want to, and need any tips/recommendations?

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