Dinner & A Bug

The title’s ridiculous right?! Read on and it’ll be explained… I think! If not, let’s blame it on me feeling a little under the weather 😉

Anyway I’ve been fighting some kind of bug/flu all day! I’m one for resting completely to recuperate but I had a 7am Fitter London Spin class which I taught off the bike so shouting and standing were the limit of my exertion. 
I listened to a friend’s advice and had a long sleep until 1pm before trying to get some work done including writing up one short recipe and throwing together today’s dinner. Then it was back to bed for a couple more hours.
I also increased my Vitamin C dosage, drank a lot of ginger/lemon tea, green tea and water.

I had an evening class (Fitter London Kettlebells) which was fun to teach as always, with more of standing and shouting at people (ha!).

Hot shower on returning home and served a massive portion for myself fresh & hot from my slow cooker. Yummy and so so warming!

Now it’s time for a LONG sleep.

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