Get Fitter… I’m definitely back!

I’m back on it!

*Always remember to warm up pre-workout and cool down/stretch post workout*


I had 40 minutes (max) to squeeze in a workout, my lazy, non-creative self settled for a hill walk. This time I didn’t reduce my speed OR incline during my rest periods. This way I ensured the intensity was increased! (–> Hill Walking post <--)

Tip: Don’t skip a workout session because you don’t have enough time, just increase the intensity and you’ll still get a great and effective workout!


This time I had 45 minutes to spare… so I went for a 7am run. It was hot but very bearable 🙂 I played some old music like Survivor (Destiny’s Child), some DMX, some Lil’ Kim, just random old tracks. My run was a bit more enjoyable singing (or rapping) along 😉
Once I got indoors, after my 40 minute run, I did 5 sets of 10 pressups: 10 pressups, 30s rest (5 times).

I’m back! 🙂

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