Get Fitter in June!

Yep! Another challenge!

I’m away from home for the entire month of June and my routine is going out of the window… *sigh* So, I decided to work on a plan for June to make sure I meet my fitness and nutrition targets. I’ve also made a pact with Keris (of Fitter London), she’ll be sharing some of her crazy workouts with me and I will attempt to do them… *ahem*
I tweeted all of this last week and a few people were interested so this challenge was born!

What’s it about?
  • 2 mandatory 30-45 minute strength sessions* per week
  • 2 mandatory 30 minute interval sessions** per week
  • 1 optional extra session a week (anything you like: cardio, strength, yoga, dance, etc)
  • Nutrition is always important.
For example, my workout routine this week will be:
  1. Monday – Strength
  2. Tuesday – Intervals (Bodyweight or Cross Trainer/Elliptical)
  3. Wednesday – Strength (OPTIONAL)
  4. Thursday – Intervals (Bodyweight or Cross Trainer/Elliptical)
  5. Friday – Strength 
  6. Saturday & Sunday – Rest
* Strength Training: Read THIS BLOG POST for more information on strength training. There is a sample workout you can start with. This also includes ab/core strength. I will post more during the week…

**Interval sessions will be cardio (cardiovascular exercise) based i.e. running, cycling, elliptical, burpees,  mountain climbers, etc.
READ THIS for more information on Interval training.

I will blog my workouts after each session, I aim to post some videos of my strength sessions but l won’t promise anything (you know me!).
If you’re interested in joining me on this challenge, let me know 🙂

My Workout on Monday

I didn’t have enough time to train so I squeezed this in:

Strength Training

– 15 Deadlifts (Progression: Single Leg Deadlifts)
This works the Legs, Butt and Back: Quads (A), Hamstrings (B), Glutes, Lower back, Trapezius(C), and lats (D).

– 15 Pressups
This works the chest, arms and shoulders: Pecs, Triceps and Delts.

Rest: 1 minute.
3 sets i.e. Repeat 3 times

– 20 Dumbell Thrusters
Total body workout, working the arms, bums and legs. Use weights that are 60% of your hardest possible.

– 1 minute Wall Sit
Legs, Legs and Legs! This burns!
Keep your back against the wall and your ankles should be in line with your knees to maintain a 90 degree angle.

– 1 minute Plank
Abs and Arms. Elbows in line with your shoulders and maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. DO NOT LET YOUR HIPS DROP.

Rest: 1 minute 
3 sets

Photo Credit: Belly Fat Loser, Fit Tip Daily, Active Health Academy, 

5 thoughts on “Get Fitter in June!

  1. Anonymous

    Tracey L…hey girlie… I’m down to start tomorrow so is my friend shola and she’s prob gonna come on here and comment… The issue is I have no idea what some of these things mean. What is strenght training? How long are we supposed to be doing the workouts? Details please fitness mistress…

  2. Adura

    Sorry Tracey, I typed this up in a hurry and didn’t even intend to publish it until I had all info in place.

    I’ve edited to add some info on strength training and times.

    More to come x

  3. Anonymous

    Tracey L.
    I’ve read it all… Dressing up to head out to the gym now. Picture of my colourful gym sneakers coming right up.. Ps. I wish I didn’t have to work out in my Indian hair… This gym routine means endless washes… Ah well… Anything for a 6pack. Ps am I supposed to write back here with progress/challenges etc? How do we even track that? Before and after weight? Or…

  4. olajumoke

    Hello Adura am jumoke and I recentlu jst took an interest in living well and I joined a gym am loving working out,bt d trainer in dat gym is an ***hole and bcos of my work i only get to do aerobics on d weekends I will like u to tell me more abt simple stregth training and all I can do by myself pls mail me back thanks for the good work

  5. Anonymous

    I’m missing all these amazing workout :(. I look forward to my baby’s arrival, then joining you guys in these fun workouts.



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