Get Fitter in June!

Yep! Another challenge!

I’m away from home for the entire month of June and my routine is going out of the window… *sigh* So, I decided to work on a plan for June to make sure I meet my fitness and nutrition targets. I’ve also made a pact with Keris (of Fitter London), she’ll be sharing some of her crazy workouts with me and I will attempt to do them… *ahem*
I tweeted all of this last week and a few people were interested so this challenge was born!

What’s it about?
  • 2 mandatory 30-45 minute strength sessions* per week
  • 2 mandatory 30 minute interval sessions** per week
  • 1 optional extra session a week (anything you like: cardio, strength, yoga, dance, etc)
  • Nutrition is always important.
For example, my workout routine this week will be:
  1. Monday – Strength
  2. Tuesday – Intervals (Bodyweight or Cross Trainer/Elliptical)
  3. Wednesday – Strength (OPTIONAL)
  4. Thursday – Intervals (Bodyweight or Cross Trainer/Elliptical)
  5. Friday – Strength 
  6. Saturday & Sunday – Rest
* Strength Training: Read THIS BLOG POST for more information on strength training. There is a sample workout you can start with. This also includes ab/core strength. I will post more during the week…

**Interval sessions will be cardio (cardiovascular exercise) based i.e. running, cycling, elliptical, burpees,  mountain climbers, etc.
READ THIS for more information on Interval training.

I will blog my workouts after each session, I aim to post some videos of my strength sessions but l won’t promise anything (you know me!).
If you’re interested in joining me on this challenge, let me know :)

My Workout on Monday

I didn’t have enough time to train so I squeezed this in:

Strength Training

- 15 Deadlifts (Progression: Single Leg Deadlifts)
This works the Legs, Butt and Back: Quads (A), Hamstrings (B), Glutes, Lower back, Trapezius(C), and lats (D).

- 15 Pressups
This works the chest, arms and shoulders: Pecs, Triceps and Delts.

Rest: 1 minute.
3 sets i.e. Repeat 3 times

- 20 Dumbell Thrusters
Total body workout, working the arms, bums and legs. Use weights that are 60% of your hardest possible.

- 1 minute Wall Sit
Legs, Legs and Legs! This burns!
Keep your back against the wall and your ankles should be in line with your knees to maintain a 90 degree angle.

- 1 minute Plank
Abs and Arms. Elbows in line with your shoulders and maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. DO NOT LET YOUR HIPS DROP.

Rest: 1 minute 
3 sets

Photo Credit: Belly Fat Loser, Fit Tip Daily, Active Health Academy,