Get Fitter… Tuesday’s Intervals

Keeping it simple today.

Interval training is great for fat burning and endurance. Do you like running for an hour? Cut down your training time by half and see better results with interval training! Haha, that sounds like a sales pitch 😉

For every exercise, get in as many reps as you can. Try to maintain the same number of reps for every set… it hurts.

30s of burpees (jump up, instead of standing up to make it more challenging)
30s rest
10 sets


30s of floor jacks (progression: with pressups)
30s rest
10 sets

30 seconds of plank
30s rest
10 sets

Floor Jacks? Plank? Watch this video for pointers:

Photo Credit: Fit Villains

2 thoughts on “Get Fitter… Tuesday’s Intervals

  1. Anonymous

    I didn’t do these and did more work on the treadmill with a bit of the elliptical but I’ll do your monday strength training today and this one on thursday… Wish me luck 🙂
    Tracey L


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