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  1. Anonymous

    I do a daily writeup of my workouts so I’ll just post yesterdays here:
    Day 3: June 6
    I can feel these workouts everywhere… My thighs, my arms, my abs… My face! PAIN!!! But 6pack by fire by force is the mission. Todays challenge = 30-45 min strength training. I tried to follow Adura’s monday strength workout- I warmed up with 6 minutes on this sort of elliptical trainer(soo tough) then I did 30 burpees(with the 30s burpee & 30 second rest time btwn each). Did planks. The first two seemed really easy till I realized I was doing it wrong. I could only manage 5 doing it “right”. I didn’t know what floor jacks were so I did 30 squats with 8lb barbells, 15 bicep curls on each hand, 15 sit-ups, 15 leg-ups… Then 3 minutes at 8.2 speed on the treadmill. Total workout = 45 mins
    Tracey L 🙂


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