Get Fitter… Wednesday’s Workout

I was very excited about my new trainers but not too excited about thinking up a workout so…

I did Monday’s planned workout but made it harder (I had a 10lb/4.5kg dumbell in each hand, I remember doing hill walks with Fitter London’s Keris with dumbell – HELLISH). This was much harder than I expected.
10lbs usually feels like nothing to me but after today’s workout, I hate dumbells right now! Haha!

GREAT for the glutes (butt, tush, a**), trust me! And, of course, endurance

5 minutes of warm up: slowly increased speed.
2 minutes @ Incline of 5, Speed of 6.5 kph (4 mph) with dumbells, pumping arms to work them and assist my walking
1 minute rest @ incline of 3, speed of 3.5mph, minus dumbell
2 minutes, Incline 6, same speed, with dumbells
1 minute rest

I kept increasing the incline by 1 until I got to 12 (that’s the max on the treadmill here). (I did try to increase the speed a few times but stuck to 6.5kph after a while, ha!)

After the final round (9 or 10 sets in total), I did a couple of 1 minute hill sprints.

Cooled down for 5 minutes.

Total Workout time: 45 minutes.

I feel great! I’ll do something similar next week, with 15lb dumbells.

You can adjust this to suit your fitness, increase/decrease speed, increase incline by 0.5, reduce total workout time to 30 minutes… 

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