How, And Why, I Lost Weight And Kept It Off.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend sent me this message on WhatsApp “I just showed xyz your before pictures and she doesn’t believe it’s you!”. Funny thing is I get that so often, I feel like I should have wallet sized pictures to hand out when I introduce myself to people, “Hi, my name is Adura and I used to be overweight”, ha!

I won’t regurgitate my story here, you can read about it HERE. Before Pics
First thing on Saturday, I sent an email out to My Mailing List¬†inspired by a Facebook post, which was in turn inspired by things I’d been hearing recently. I just read that back and it sounds very cryptic, doesn’t it?

Long story short, your weight loss journey will be much easier once you start to really focus on yourself and the health rewards YOU’LL reap.

Throwback Thursday. Weight Loss. Adura Personal Trainer


Having people telling you “you’re fat”, “you need to lose weight”, etc, doesn’t speed up the process of you making changes if you’re not ready! No matter how much you know about the health implications!

In my case, it slowed things down as it frustrated me. This led to me wasting months trying to lose weight, just to shut them up. Don’t get me wrong, I knew I wasn’t at a healthy weight, I’m not pretending I only tried to lose weight for the noisemakers (that’s what they were to me) but they played a significant role.

I came to realise I wasn’t successful because:
1. I wasn’t ready
2. I was doing it for the wrong reasons

The day I decided I wanted to do it for myself was, as cliche as this might sound, the beginning of the rest of my life.

I’ve had the most success with clients who were ready to lose weight for their health, for their happiness and because they wanted to.

Actually, I know of someone whose goal was to lose weight so that a guy she liked would take notice of her. She was “successful” and they dated for a while, before breaking up. And… you guessed right, she was back at her previous weight not long after they went their separate ways!

It’s not about proving people wrong, shutting people up or getting someone’s attention, it’s about YOU, YOUR health & YOUR happiness. This plays a very important part of not only getting in shape (and better health), but also maintaining it. Weight Loss Fat Loss Pictures


With this in mind, if you’re ready to make changes for yourself – contact me now.
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Have a great week!