Healthy Tip: How To Curb Sugar Cravings

Roasted Plantain. Healthy Nigerian African Meal. Personal Trainer Adura.Last week, while working on a client’s 28 day plan, I got to the section on sugar cravings, the causes and how to curb them and it inspired last week’s email to my Mailing List.

Some causes of sugar cravings are more obvious that others, without going into too much detail:

  • Not eating enough – this leads to dips in blood sugar, which leads to wanting a quick fix for a sugar rush –> cravings!
    Solution: Eat more often – breakfast, lunch and dinner are a must.
  • Eating too much sugar – this is a vicious cycle, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave it. Eating simple or processed sugars causes a quick spike in blood sugar, and an even quicker dip in sugar and energy levels —> more cravings!
    Solution: Cut out/down processed sugars and eat less high sugar fruit.
  • PMT/Menopause – Hormones! Isn’t it great being a woman? We become more prone to insulin resistance closer to the time of the month, or menopause as oestrogen and progesterone levels change. For a lot of women (like me!), this can lead to sugar cravings, feeling tired and emotional.
    Solution: Take Vitamin B6 supplements. Also make a big effort to cut down on sugar. I’ll talk about how I’m usually able to do this below.
  • There could be other health related causes including thyroid problems, yeast infections and more. Which is why you shouldn’t ignore other symptoms you might have, especially those that never seem to go away.
    Solution: Consult a medical professional in this case.

Try my top tip which works for me, and my clients:
– Roast your plantains, sweet potatoes, squash or yam. Roasting brings out the sweetness and natural flavours.
TMI (for some) but this always helps when I crave sweet treats right before and during my time of the month.

Do you have any tricks for curbing sugar cravings? Share!

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