I Challenge You To…

… Strengten Your Core, Improve Your Posture, Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Workouts And Get FAB Abs.

Oh, did the “FAB Abs” pique your interest? I thought so 😉

This November, happy new month by the way, I’m running a challenge that can get you all of the above. You have nothing to lose, so no excuses will be accepted as long as you’re in good health and not pregnant.

When? November 1st – 30th (Yes it’s started but it’s not too late to join)!
Where? On Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/1406532446247456/) and Instagram (http://instagram.com/AduraOO)
How? The first thing is to do a plank test, which is a good way of checking how strong your core is. It’s not the best way but it’s a good place to start. Record your time and join us on Instagram or Facebook!
Plank Test. Adura London Personal Trainer.

Here’s the complete schedule:

Plank Challenge Schedule. Adura Online Personal Trainer

So what are you waiting for? Click on the picture below and join now!

Plank Challenge For a Stronger Core, Better Posture and Ripped Abs. Adura London Personal Trainer
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