Lateral Series: Lateral Squat Thrusts

I’m sure you are familiar with squats, lunges, pushups, running, walking and most exercises you have in your routine. One thing that they have in common is they’re up, down, backwards or forward motions. And we do a lot of these everyday, even if you don’t workout that much, you walk a lot, right?

We (yes I sometimes neglect this too and will work on this more) don’t do enough side-to-side (lateral) exercises and our bodies are weak in that area. Try to lunge to the side now, doesn’t it feel awkward and unnatural? It shouldn’t!

Why does this matter? This weakness can lead to injuries and can affect performance of other exercises. You should include lateral movements to improve your balance, target more muscles and increase the efficiency of your workouts.

This has inspired my new series, every week I’ll share a lateral exercise you should add to your routine.

We’ll start with lateral squat thrusts.

Not only is this an important lateral exercise to add to your routine as discussed above, it will get your heart rate through the roof!

Try this high intensity workout:
20s lateral squat thrusts
10s rests
8 – 10 SETS

* Hands should be in line with your shoulders, soft elbows
* Remember to land softly at all times
* When jumping back, make sure your lower back doesn’t dip, focus on engaging your core.


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