Yes I’m dedicating a blog post to my new shoes πŸ™‚ I’ve not bought a new pair of *REAL* trainers in a long while. I have three, two of which I wear quite often – and they are both Asics (sidenote: I went to a store in and pronounced them Ah-sics, the attendant smugly said “Oh yes, our Ay-sics are over there”. It hurt, a little πŸ˜‰ ).

I bought my first pair of Asics shoes in 2005 and I haven’t looked back. I initially bought them for running (their main purpose, as advertised), I used to be a regular runner back then, but when I stopped running, I noticed that they were still great for my other workouts. Perfect!
I’ve been cheap as my two shoes have lasted longer than usual, this is mainly because I don’t run in them so they lasted ages. I might buy another pair and give my old ones to charity.
Woohoo, let the REAL workouts begin!

Tips on buying workout/running shoes:

  • If you’re a runner, and you have access to stores that provide gait analysis, GET THAT DONE! I wore random Nike trainers when I took up running, within weeks, I had aches and pains from the impact. I learned I had to get the right shoes with cushioning (to soften impact) and all round support. Asics were the brand advised for me but everyone’s different, what works for you won’t necessarily work for me.
  • Always buy a slightly bigger pair of shoes (half a size or a full size) than your regular shoe size as the feet swell during exercise (especially running).
  • Don’t be fooled by how pretty shoes in the store might look, do your research πŸ™‚
For more info on Asics:Β andΒ

2 thoughts on “MY NEW SHOES :)

  1. Natural Nigerian

    Gait Analysis? Never ever heard of that. I bought a pair of shoes and have hardly used them as they pinch a few minutes into running. Thanks for the advice. Will shell out the money for new running shoes this year.


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