My Workout Routine (REQUESTED)

A workout routine should be about balance.

Going through mine below, you’ll see there’s one thing that I currently am not doing enough of.

You should aim for a good mix of:
Strength/Weights: Read this post on Why I Love Strength Training HERE
Cardio/Endurance: Read this post on How To Add Variation To Your Cardio Training HERE
Stretch/Flexibility: Read this post on Vinyasa Flow Yoga HERE

What’s also important in a workout routine is variation and progression. A session shouldn’t be easy – you should always challenge yourself to see results. 

Including variety and progress is different depending on what form of training you’re doing:

  •  If it’s a yoga session, you should always ease into your poses/stretches (each session, challenge yourself by slowly going deeper/further than before, using your breathing for assistance) and not force your body into positions to avoid injury.
  • A strength session is completely different, nothing should be easy or relaxing. You keep challenging yourself by increasing resistance/weight, when you get comfortable. Same for a cardio/endurance session. 
My Current* Routine
*’Current’ because it’s not set in stone. I can, and will, change it anytime. I plan to cut down my spin classes to two per week.

Morning: Fitter London Kettlebells for Strength & Bodyweight Conditioning*
Strength Session 1 & Endurance
This is one of my two favourite classes of the week. I’m naturally strong so of course I love strength training. My endurance and core strength, which aren’t so great, have required a lot of work and slowly improved over timeI’m a Fitter London instructor but I don’t teach this class and I happily attend it every week – love it! This class is great for building your strength through weights and bodyweight, and also your endurance as we sometimes have some long cycles with little rest.
Afternoon: Spin
Cardio/Endurance Session 1
I’m a spin instructor and I teach this class on the bike. All three spin classes in my routine are my classes so of course they’re highly effective 😉

Morning: Fitter London Spin
Cardio/Endurance Session 2

Evening: Spin 
Cardio/Endurance Session 3



Midday: Fitter London Kettlebells for Strength Size & A Sixpack
Strength Session 2
This class is more strength focused , compared to Tuesday, with hardly any cardio drills. The most cardio drills we’ve done in this class are kettlebell swings (with heavy bells!). Don’t be alarmed by the name, I haven’t built any size – I’m a woman! But I’m definitely stronger and my faint fourpack is thankful for this class.

– Rest
Although my routine looks the same each week, no session is ever the same (variation!). The Fitter London classes are always different and the same goes for my spin classes – to keep everyone challenged. I aim to push myself harder than the week before for gradual progress.
As you can see, I’m missing a VERY important component of my workout routine – Strength/Flexibility! Although I warm up (& mobilise my joints) before workouts and cool down (& stretch) after, it’s important that I dedicate 30 minutes to an hour twice a week to focus on flexibility and stretching.  This can easily be covered by a yoga class or a session on my own.

Writing this post has reminded and inspired me – I have to get back into my Sunday yogaish routine and I will be checking in on Instagram from this weekend. I’ll also try to attend yoga classes when I can. 

What’s your workout schedule like? Share in the comments section and let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi adura, am leona.just went tru ur blog, nice , dunno if u wud see my comment, my workout routine is like cardio cardio cardio,lol, like 1hr on de treadmill, an hour on de elliptical and sumtimes an hour on de bicycle, I kno its nt balanced at all, I like doin workout dt makes me sweat a lot nd dts y I like cardio


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