Oil Cleansing

I first heard about this cleansing method in 2006 when I was all over the internet for haircare tips. I tried it and was happy to see it worked for me. It was also during this time I also learned about using oil as a makeup remover.
This is an all natural method and I haven’t used anything branded ‘Makeup Remover’ since then and my skin’s been thankful for it.
The theory behind Oil Cleansing is that oil (applied) binds with oil (from the skin) and impurities and helps with cleansing (ridding the skin of excess oil and impurities).
Will this work on Oily skin?
I believe so.
BUT while I was doing my research, I found that some experts didn’t 100% approve of this cleansing method.
BUT BUT(!!!) I know people with oily skin that this works for as well, I’m not trying to dismiss what experts have said but my belief is you should try it at least twice to see how your skin responds to it. My thoughts are:
  • The oil cleansing method the experts were not in support of didn’t have the final step I include(which I learned about): Cleaning the skin with a warm towel. This helps extract the excess oils from the skin and pores.
Watch the video below and let me know if you have any questions:
Have a nice weekend!

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