Plyometric Bodyweight Exercise: Vertical Frog Jump

Adding plyometric (think: jumping, explosive, power) exercises to your workouts will increase the intensity, really fire up your muscles and produce even better results…. when done properly of course.

I really like this variation of frog jumps because you don’t have to worry about space (have you tried regular leap frogs/frog jumps) and I’ve found you can really focus on explosiveness when you don’t have to worry about how far up AND forward you’re jumping. Once you master vertial frog jumps, you can start working on making your regular frog jumps even more powerful… who says exercise can get boring? Never!

Watch the video below for important tips (proper technique for both safety and effectiveness) and options for various levels of fitness.

Muscles Targeted: Glutes, Quads & Back

  1. Starting with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, lower into a squat (advanced: deep squat) and touch the floor with fingertips
  2. Jump as high as you can and extend your arms overhead
  3. Land back into a squat with your fingertips on the floor
  4. Repeat

Try: A tabata – 20s of vertical frog jumps, 10s of rest x 8 SETSĀ 

Tip: Always land on soft knees into a squat to protect your knees.

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