Quick Workout – Arm & Abs InstaVideo

Hi! How are you? Let me know 🙂
Now to today’s workout – another Instagram video, I’m gearing myself up to recording workout videos, I’m actually recording a few tomorrow!
I’m going to add it to my session today. What’s my workout today going to be?

A combination of Friday’s post, yesterday’s post (see picture further down) and today’s. That’s the point of these mini workouts I’m posting as often as I can – mix & match workouts, yes I’m that clever, ha!

For a demonstration of all three exercises, click HERE on the image below to watch the video.

10 Spiderman pushups (beginner: knee to elbow, no pushup)
30 second v-sit 
10 plank up & downs (focus on keeping your hips still to target your core muscles). 
Repeat 4 times.
Try this, and comment below to let me know how it goes.

If the above leaves you wanting more, add some burpees to finish you 😉 Start with a minimum of 3 sets of 10 burpees. Rest for 30-45s between sets. 
Someone who follows my Instagram page did 5 sets yesterday (50), and aims to do 7 today 🙂

One Burpee:
1. Start in a crouching position with your hands on the floor.
2. Kick back into high plank position, make sure you engage your core (start by holding your tummy in) and make sure your hips/butt don’t sag towards the floor.
3. (OPTIONAL) Pushup
4. Up from the pushup and jump back to a crouch.
5. Jump up (Low impact – stand up). Land softly from the jump, keeping your knees soft.

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