Register For The *Get Trimmer* Challenge NOW!

What can you expect?

To help kickstart (or continue) your healthy journey and get steps closer to reaching your goals:

  • Weekly tips and guidelines.¬†
  • Weekly meal and fitness plans*
  • Exclusive access to a private forum**
  • And 100% dedication!
When does it start?
Monday 28th January is the official start date.
Is there a fee?
Yes, there’s an early registration fee, contact me for details.
Where/How do I sign up?
I’m having trouble paying via PayPal, are there any other payment options?
Contact me for bank transfer details.
* Meal & Fitness plans won’t be customised. They will serve as guidelines which will be easily adaptable. If you’re interested in personalised & customised plans, they come at an extra cost. Contact me at info @ if interested
** Via a closed (private) Facebook group
If you have any injuries, allergies or health concerns, please contact me before signing up.

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