Adura Personal Training group Exercise


Do you want to lose body fat, improve your health, feel amazing and learn lifelong healthy lifestyle habits?
Yes? Then you’re in the right place!

With my personal and professional experience, I will help you reach your fat loss and healthy goals, while still enjoying your everyday life!




  1. Personal Training

  2. Online Training
    * Customised Workout Program
    * Customised Meal Plan
    * Weekly Catchup Sessions
  3. Online Group Plans

Weight Loss in Nigeria Before And After Adura Personal Trainer

**Look & Feel Great With Real Food, Effective Exercise & Expert Coaching**

At a percentage of my personal training/coaching fees, I provide ‘Trimmer In 28′ & other programs, which are 100% Online.

GT Header Add OnAs this is an online challenge, it’s open to members in all locations. 

*Be prepared to dedicate some time and effort into this to see the results you desire. Guaranteed, when you stick to the plan. Best results are achieved by the most dedicated people, simple!


  • Detailed Nutrition & Workout Guidelines For Fat Loss
  • Easy To Follow (& Modify) Meal Plans
  • Workout Plan – Cut Your Workout Time With Effective Fat Burning Exercises!
  • Before & After Assessments
  • Private Group For Motivation & Support


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