Strengthen Your Core & Get A Flat Tummy

This workout is inspired by an email I sent to my Mailing List (Join HERE), which was inspired by this Facebook Post.

A flat tummy is something that most women I know want, FACT. You can achieve this by eating clean, cutting down on carbs, eating good carbs (e.g. sweet potatoes and plantains) and protein.
BUT you want more than just a flat tummy, you want a strong core, which will also result in a flat tummy when you follow the ‘flat tummy guidelines’ above.

Your core is more than your ‘abs’, which is what is visible to everyone. It consists of four important muscles that wrap like a belt around the midsection.

Why should you aim for a strong core?

  • It improves your posture – holding your body upright is done with ease, with a strong core.
  • It encourages better form – better posture enables you perform exercises more efficiently.
  • It reduces the risk of injury – good form and posture means you are less likely to injure yourself. Having and using a strong core in exercises, especially reduces the risk of lower back injury – which is a common one if the core isn’t engaged.

Exercises that specifically target and strengthen your core include variations of plank, v-sit, etc.

I have a mini-challenge for you – perform these two exercises daily, from Monday – Thursday:
Plank & Spiderman Plank London Personal Trainer1 Minute Plank
10 Spiderman Planks (on each side)
Rest For 1 minute
*3 SETS*

Bonus: Eat very clean this week, no cr*p. Are you up for the challenge?
Comment below if you are, and also comment here daily after you’re done.

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