Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 2

Another Sunday, another yoga session today 🙂 I did a 30 minute intermediate yoga routine from YouTube. I followed that with some back-bending, as seen in the wheel pose below.

Only try this if:
1. You’re comfortable with the wheel/bridge pose
2. You’ve warmed up your back and arms (downward/upward dogs, child pose, etc)
3. Ideally, it’s best to do it in the presence of a yoga instructor

So don’t be too hasty too try this, as my friend Teemz says, “Be kiafu”, like she’s joking! Interpretation: Be careful 😉

Read more about the wheel pose here:

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I posted the below (inspired by the picture above) on Facebook and decided to share here too:

Just a little motivation/encouragement here 🙂

Years ago, the most I could run was 200m (I was a sprinter (100 + 200m) in secondary school but after I moved to the UK, I gained weight. I eventually lost all the weight but still couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes).
In 2004 (or ’05), I signed up for a 5km race, trained for that and ended up running a few 5KMs, 10KMs and 2 half marathons over a few years. All thanks to training and hard work 🙂 

 Same goes for my flexibility – I could barely touch my toes a couple of years ago but again, through hard work and practice, my flexibility has improved ten-fold.
It still tickles to hear people refer to me as ‘flexible’!

 So keep working hard, focus on your goals and you’ll reach and exceed them!

 Have a great week ahead!

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