Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 3

I’m still keeping up with #YogaEverySunday 🙂

Today’s session was just over an hour long. It was very challenging and I will revisit that video very often.

Thanks to Susan of Eights & Weights, I am now a fan of Do Yoga With Me and today’s yoga session was:

And just a little something for you to laugh at… Just when I was getting confident with my flexibility and yoga progress, THIS happened:


If nothing at all, I’m showing you a creative way to grab your own butt. But watch this space, give me a couple of months, I’ll post a picture of me doing it with ease, palms flat on my lower back 😉
PLEASE NOTE: Attend a yoga class or book a 1 to 1 session with a qualified yoga instructor, if you’ve never done yoga before. DVDs and YouTube videos are more suitable for those comfortable with yoga.

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