Sunday Stretching Pledge: Week 5

I’m not only sticking to this, I’m LOVING it!
Today’s session was exactly the same as last Sunday’s – I intend to do the same for the next 2-4 weeks( It’s so encouraging and satisfying to see progress e.g. there was a pose that had a progression I couldn’t do last week – I did it today!

I’ve also dedicated Wednesdays (after teaching an early morning spin class) to deep stretching with Yoga. Last week’s was for deep release for the hips, hamstrings and lower back ( <--- I felt AMAZING after, although I was struggling a little, while doing it. Ahh, the joys of stretching.

Stretching is such an important part of a fitness routine, try to add it if you haven’t already!
PS I also tried Pilates yesterday, and I found it to be a great core workout. I’ll be revisiting it soon.

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