Suya Chicken Recipe

I posted a ‘Suya Chops’ recipe video last year, watch it here:
I LOVE suya and I want some now, I’m kinda homesick right now – I miss Nigeria! Amongst other things, there is easy access to tasty suya, I tried Ikoyi Club suya last time I was back home and it was really good!

I recently discovered that suya is soaked in oil before grilling/barbecuing and more oil is brushed on it while it’s cooking! I never knew this – how could I not have known this for years?! BUT I was told you can stop ‘them’ from dipping it in oil or adding any extra oil when you order yours – I’m glad to know! The oil used is most likely vegetable oil (noooo!) and I’m sure it’s reused for days, if not weeks! 

If you didn’t know any of this, be aware when next you order suya.
1 Whole Chicken (in medium pieces)
Suya Pepper (as much as you can handle)
1 Onion

1. Season the chicken with the curry, ginger, thyme and salt.
2. Coat with the suya spice
3. Optional: Chop up half an onion and add to the chicken. Marinate for 1 hour, in the fridge.
4. Pre-heat your oven to 220C.
5. Add the chicken to an oven pan, sprinkle some more suya pepper on it.
6. Leave to cook for 20 minutes.
7. Turn the chicken pieces and cook for another 15 minutes.
8. It’s ready 🙂

Add 2-3 pieces to a plate and, yes, sprinkle some more suya spice on the chicken. Chop/slice half an onion and serve.
Other serving options: With roasted sweet potatoes or plantain. Or some cauliflower jollof or fried rice.

Are you the same? Do you use suya pepper on anything and everything?

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