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Doyinsola Trimmer In 28 Weight Loss

Testimonial Adura-O.com


“I lost 4kg on the last Get Trimmer challenge! Sign up for the next one and learn healthy eating habits with the GURU Adura O.”

“The Get Trimmer Challenge was a realistic and manageable way for me to focus on getting healthier. Each week introduced a new baby step that I could easily incorporate into my busy life as a working mom and wife, and each baby step built on the next so that by the end of the 6 weeks, I had an arsenal of tips and tools that I carry with me even now and can call on. I lost 4 pounds in the 6 weeks and have continued to lose weight since. With Get Trimmer, with focus and discipline you do get trimmer!” 

“Lost 6kg on the Get Trimmer Challenge……won’t miss the next one. You shouldn’t either!”

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