Wanna Feel Sexier? Lift Something Heavy!

We’re almost at the end of ‘Get Planking With Adura – 30 Days To A Stronger Core’, the core strengthening  challenge.

Get Your Sexy Back, Lift Heavy

Photo Credit: ‘Girl Get Fit’

Hi, My name is Adura and I’m a strength training junkie!

I’m not sure when it started because I remember when I couldn’t do one full pushup, when I could barely do bodyweight squats and when I was swinging the lightest kettlebell available.

It must have been around the time I started to LOVE my shapely butt (I had previously been teased about having a flat ass!) or when I started to LOVE my tummy.

Actually, it was when I started lifting heavier weights, the adrenaline rush was amazing! The physical rewards were obviously a priority but there are so many health benefits of lifting heavy weights…. and no I’m not talking about 2kg dumbells, sorry.

Strength training will not make you look like a man… we do not have enough testosterone to achieve that bodybuilder look. We need serious supplementation to get the results that most men naturally do. Strength training will make you look sexier, trust me!

Do you want to know how you can sculpt your body and get optimal physical and health results?

Like most women, are you worried you’ll “be muscly and look like a man”? Are you still scared of bulking up from lifting weights, or even doing pushups? You shouldn’t be – strength training is SO good for you!

I’m holding a FREE 30 minute webinar, where I will tell you more about:

  • how you can speed up fat burning and get ‘tighter’ to achieve a sexier body
  • how you can cut down your training time and get even better results
  • the health rewards you will be sure to reap
  • how accessible strength training can be, even from the comfort of your living room!

Click the link below to grab 1 of the limited spaces available (at the point of this blog post, 30 spaces are gone!): https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6644771333682756354

Date/Time: Wednesday 27th November 8pm GMT

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