Workout Wednesday Link Up – Healthy Plantain Recipe

Here’s a quick post about a post-workout meal <– one of my all time favourites, and it never gets old!

My name is Adura and I love plantains! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! And I will never get bored of them.

I can eat plantain all day everyday but of course I don’t ;) There are so many ways to cook them e.g. plantain pancakes, boiled plantains, pan-fried plantains and the video below – roasted plantains.

Plantains are high in fibre (and slow release carbohydrates, which helps regulate blood sugar), and are good sources of vitamin A (eye health, immune function and skin health)and potassium (great for heart, kidney, digestive and muscular health).

Roasting or grilling them brings out the sweetness in them. I have plantain on my mind right now… I’m definitely buying some tomorrow!

In Nigeria, roasted/grilled plantains are on almost every roadside, not the best time for me to think about this because I’m indoors right now (it’s cold outside!) and have no plantain at home. *sniff*

Try this recipe below post-workout – it’s a good mix of carbs and protein.

Have you tried plantain? What do you think? What’s your favourite way of cooking it?

P.S. It’s been so nice to see plantains in many healthy and/or paleo blogs, plantain’s going viral! Woohoo!