Workout Wednesday Link Up – Upper Body & Core Home Workout

Inspired by this week’s workout in my November Challenge (Facebook:, Instagram: @Adura_O), I included this workout in two of my classes yesterday.

This workout sequence will not only challenge your core (decline variations of these exercises means more work for your core to keep you in position) but your upper body will be worked HARD! I love this combo!

Upper Body & Core Challenge www.adura-o.com30 second decline* high plank
30 second decline* low plank
30 seconds pushups (aim for 8-10 reps)
30 seconds shoulder taps
Rest for 1 minute.
Repeat for 3 sets.


  1. *Decline is optional. If you find it difficult to maintain correct form i.e. if your lower back dips, do these exercises on the floor – don’t elevate your legs. Safety first!
  2. Use a stool, your sofa, or something ~12 inches high to elevate your legs

Are you going to try this? Let me know what you think!